“Fat” as a Protected Class: A Recipe for Disaster?

I am carrying some extra weight, like many men my age. It’s because I have made some lifestyle decisions. I enjoy cheeseburgers and other meats. I also like to drink beer and smoke cigars. These are my choices. I accept the risks of these things and attenuate them by adding regular exercise to the normal efforts of maintaining a country homestead.

But unlike some people, I don’t want the government to protect my bad habits.

…. Colorado, America’s thinnest state where Boulder is located, will become the first US state to ban “fatphobia” by law in 50 years. It is not the only state to want to legislate this way. Politicians in America have been working on laws that would add weight to the list of characteristics like race, age, and religion, which are protected against discrimination.

Of course, there’s a huge difference. Age and race are not changeable. Sexual orientation is not protected by the First Amendment. However, if you accept that the left claims that sexual preferences are inborn then isn’t that also immutable?

Obesity is not a permanent condition. The majority of obesity is caused by personal lifestyle choices. It is now “fat shaming” to mention the health risks.

Most often, it’s the Left-wing states and cities that pander to the “anti-fattist” lobby by introducing new laws. They’re also the ones who tried to decriminalize drug use and had disastrous results in terms of addiction and crime.

Health experts warn the new legal protections may normalize obesity, which is a serious problem in the US. This condition is caused by sugared beverages, highly processed junk foods, and sedentary living.

Obesity is not only a choice but also a health risk. It’s not a debatable issue, despite the cries of those who want to “fat shame” others. In this case, to use a phrase often used by the left: the science has been settled.

It doesn’t stop fat activists (I cannot believe this is now a thing) from raising Ned every time someone points out the risks.

Warning: Foul Language

Sofie Hagen, a London-based Danish comedian who campaigns for fat acceptance, accused Cancer Research UK in 2018 of “fat-shaming” after the charity ran a campaign to raise awareness about obesity as the second-most preventable cause of lung cancer behind smoking.

How the f***ing **** is this okay? She screamed on social media and demanded the ads be removed.

She called dieting ‘dangerous,’ and said that it has been proven time and again to be the worst thing you can do for your body. The charity countered by saying that only 15% of people are aware of the link between obesity and cancer. Its campaign is based on scientific proof.

No. This is wrong. It’s not necessary to follow a radical diet to become healthier. It’s a simple matter of physics. You will gain weight if you consume more calories than what you burn. You will lose weight if you consume fewer calories. It’s simple. Indeed, fads don’t always work. Even if they do, people tend to see them as temporary solutions. When they stop the diet, their weight returns. Healthy living, which includes watching your weight, is not something that can be achieved by temporary measures. Instead, it requires a lifestyle change.

Of course, these laws are nothing more than leftist politicians’ attempts to buy votes and signal their virtue. It is impossible to legislate the feelings of aversion that most people experience when they see morbidly overweight individuals. Nor can one deny the real health risks that obesity poses. Ironically, these laws are often promoted by leftists, who lecture us on “health risks” or “costs to society” if we indulge in a cigar or a glass of whiskey. What are the costs of obesity to society?

I will keep my rural lifestyle and healthy diet. My few extra pounds are slowly slipping away. I will keep smoking and drinking the occasional cigar. I’m aware of the risks and accept them. Morbid obesity is a far greater risk than smoking a cigar once a month. If people are concerned about the cost of healthcare, they should discourage obesity, not protect it.

No one should be proud to be fat. It’s unhealthy, and honestly, it is unattractive. Fat pride is a social phenomenon that has become increasingly ridiculous in our modern world.