Explosive Hearing Ahead: Three D.C. National Guard Officers to Expose January 6th Committee

Three whistleblowers of the Washington D.C. National Guard have come forward to expose the now-defunct committee on January 6.

The Daily Mail reported that the three officers would testify, according to The Daily Mail. Then-President Donald Trump, and then-Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, had approved the deployment to secure Capitol Grounds. The House Oversight Subcommittee chaired by Rep. Barry Loudermilk has scheduled a hearing for Wednesday.

In a bombshell hearing, next week, whistleblowers of the Washington D.C. National Guard are expected to tell Congress that Donald Trump didn’t want them deployed for the Capitol Riot and the Army had delayed in telling them they needed mobilization.

DailyMail.com exclusively reveals that three police officers will appear before a House Subcommittee on Wednesday to claim that their stories were ignored by the Democrat-led January 6 committee because they didn’t fit into their narrative.

The hearing will be aimed at proving that Christopher Miller, the Acting Defense Secretary at the time, did approve the deployment of the D.C. National Guard at the direction of then-President Donald Trump.

The testimony that the whistleblowers will deliver is in stark contrast to the claims made by the January 6th Committee. Liz Cheney was one of the loudest committee members who spent years insinuating Trump had not only planned the riot on January 6, but also that he didn’t do anything to stop it. The January 6th Committee allegedly concealed testimony that contradicted this narrative.

These details do not match Cheney’s assertion in the final report of the committee that Trump did not request National Guard troops to secure the grounds. This would explain why the January 6th Committee, which only wanted to blame the former president, kept this testimony locked away.

These National Guard whistleblowers, like the earlier hidden testimony of Anthony Ornato (see above), will testify that the January 6th Committee ignored their experiences on the ground because they did not fit into the anti-Republican narrative. It is astonishing how far Cheney and her co-conspirators went to hide the truth. They hid or deleted inconvenient evidence, and were far from being a straightforward telling of the truth.

The whistleblowers’ testimony will also reveal that the January 6 Committee didn’t want to hear it because their testimony corroborated Trump, his allies, and the claims of the former president who authorized the National Guard to respond days in advance to any violence or unrest occurring on January 6, 2021.

In their future testimony, they will also provide evidence that the then-Army Sec. Ryan McCarthy ignored White House orders for the Capitol guard to be deployed. McCarthy could have been motivated by his desire to get a job in the Biden administration, according to the report.

It’s all a bit shocking, but not unexpected when you look at who was on the committee on January 6. The committee was never intended to provide information or suggestions to help prevent future problems. Its purpose was to influence the elections of 2022 and 2024. It was intended to focus on Trump, even though it was clear that he did not know about the riot in advance and had tried to provide a more strident level of security.

Unfortunately, many of the members of the January 6th Committee, who are now out of office, will still get away with their crimes. The Republicans’ best bet is to expose the corrupt officials and hope that Americans will respond.