Examples of Incompetent Policing Is Not An Argument for More Gun Control

I was flooded with silly arguments for gun control after the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. They claim that schools cannot stop shootings and that they can ban AR-15s. The poor performance of Uvalde’s law enforcement officers in stopping the gunman who killed 19 children and injured two others.

Law enforcement has been critical of the handling of the shooting. Steven McGraw (Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety) admitted that the response of the police to the attack was flawed at a Friday press conference.

McGraw acknowledges that officers did not enter the school when the gunman opened fire upon teachers and students inside. Border Patrol agents were the ones who stopped him, but not local law enforcement.

McGraw stated that McGraw believed that they were not dealing with an active shooter and that this was why the delay occurred. McGraw’s explanation was disputed when four children called 911 to report that 19 officers might have been outside the classroom. They didn’t try to gain entry.

They believed there were no more children at risk and that there was still time for a janitor to give them keys to the classroom.

This is why anti-gunners believe greater gun control will reduce mass shooting deaths. They argue that law enforcement failed in both cases and that guns are not able to stop school shootings.

This argument might be the most straightforward of all those made by the anti-gunner lobby.

Police can fail in many circumstances. These are the strongest arguments in favor of gun ownership for self-defense. When seconds matter, police are only minutes away.

This overlooks the fact that active shooters have been stopped by civilians and police in many cases. According to The Washington Examiner:

According to the FBI, “there were 61 active shooter incidents in 2021 with 140 deaths and 103 injuries. ”

Thirty-one of the shooters were arrested by law enforcement. 11 victims died of injuries suffered in an auto accident. One suspect is still at large, while 18 others were killed by another person, which includes four citizens.

Many stories are told about school resource officers who prevented mass shootings at their campuses.

What is the problem?

It doesn’t really matter. Armed officers can stop mass shootings. These laws would save more lives than armed security to protect children.

I recently pointed out that mass shootings at sporting events, courthouses, and government buildings are not common. These security measures help ensure these areas are safe. They are focused on arming the public, not saving lives.