Every Liberal’s Greatest Fear

When the riot news starts to fade out, Dr. Fauci returns…and he fears that football season will succumb to a second wave of coronavirus. 

As Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Fauci was put onto the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Task Force and, throughout the pandemic, has been at the forefront of dispensing best practices to people in relation to the virus. 

The nation has looked to Dr. Fauci for his guidance but some have noticed that his advice, like the tide, changes as the pandemic progresses. For a guy who is supposed to have a better, more scientific handle on this virus, he’s changed his perspective far more than we have. Back in February, he said that the virus is predominantly spread in the air and there is no risk in inanimate things transmitting the virus. He said only those who had been infected needed to wear masks and didn’t want people to worry about the dangers of a “minuscule” virus. This changed for him over the following months.

And now, he’s warning that “Football may not happen this year.” Days after baseball season wrapped up early after a second coronavirus wave, the director said a sport like football is very hard to see being played this fall. His recommendation? Players should essentially live in a bubble, insulated from the community and tested nearly every day. 

Between the months of lockdown, weeks of protests, and heading into one of the craziest election seasons yet, Fauci’s warnings aren’t going to be overly receptive to the fans who have already missed numerous baseball, basketball, and hockey games. Then there’s the talk over whether or not the NFL is going to embrace kneeling during the anthem. That alone will lose thousands of viewers.

What needs to be known is that the virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s like influenza and here to stay. People can either shut themselves up for the rest of their lives and ruin the economy or get back to business and allow the elderly and most vulnerable to take more precautions. I mean if you can’t get the virus from protesting, what’s to say you’ll get it at a football game? 

The germaphobe mafia on the left are running the show and if anything was as bad as they say it is, they would be restarting the world every time a new disease showed up. Fauci seems to pop up every few weeks with a new warning label and his greatest fear is that people will stop listening to him and go on with their lives. Heck, that’s every liberal’s greatest fear.