Elon Musk Responds to Twitter Lawsuit Threat in Hilarious Fashion

Elon Musk’s deal with Twitter to purchase it fell through last week in news that was a blow to free speech. We reported that Musk made the announcement after realizing that Twitter was not going to address his concerns regarding bot accounts.

Twitter did not take the news lightly. The board quickly issued a statement stating that the agreement was legally binding. They also stated that they would take Musk to court to enforce the terms.

Musk responded exactly the way you would expect.

While you have to admire the man’s sense of humor and his wit, I am more concerned about how it plays out in real life. Many details surrounding the now-defunct deal are hazy, making it difficult to determine what was actually agreed to. Was Musk requesting information from Twitter because of the terms? It is possible that a court will force the release in order to enforce the agreement. These are questions beyond Musk’s meme.

Let’s just say, I hope there’s more to this than just trolling. Yes, it’s funny that Musk keeps dragging Twitter like this, but is he really planning? Is there any way for Musk to buy the social media company at a reduced price? These are all questions that I do not have the answers to.

But I would not count Musk out. Musk didn’t rise to a net worth of $2 billion and then become more than $200 billion in a decade just by chance. He is a genius, and he has the resources to hire the best people to ensure that this happens. Musk can have Twitter if he wants it, even if the Twitter board cannot afford to let it happen.

After the markets had a chance to react to the news about the deal’s collapse, the stock of the company plunged Monday. Twitter is aware that it must make this work, or the already-unprofitable company may find itself in absolute chaos.