Elon Musk Drops the Hammer on Twitter Account Debuting Pedo Flag

Theoretically there’s nothing wrong with people living their “truth”, but when that truth starts to ruin another person’s life then it becomes a problem. When the nation decided gender is whatever a person feels on any given day it opened the door for anyone to sneak in. Not all of them are happy to live their truths and carry on with their lives.

All sorts of people are eager to legitimize the dysfunctions they have. The person with the Twitter handle @zeebdemon is at the top of the list. Zeebdemon, a Twitter user with the appropriately named account, decided it was time for the flag of pedophiles to be unveiled. Perhaps in an attempt to join all the other identity flags that exist. According to The Post Millennial the now-extinct tweet contained photos of the flag and the caption:

“Happy Alice Day to all who celebrate it,” wrote the user. I thought, “Why not unveil the YAP pride flag (Youth Attracted People), which I designed nearly a year ago?” I wanted to deviate a bit from the horizontal bars that are so common. I wanted to keep some familiarity.

Elon Musk had none of it, and suspended the account.

The “flag’ consisted of diagonal stripes in pink, white and blue with yellow. Robby Starbuck commented: “Thank you. Old Twitter temporarily suspended me for saying that child raping pedephiles should be punished with death after they are proven guilty. Big change under your ownership. Twitter is no longer protecting pedophiles! “Keep it up.” I hope Musk handed over the information about Zeebdemon to the appropriate law-enforcement officials. Also, any information about anyone who liked or tweeted this garbage. The FBI would have been my first choice, but at the moment the Department of Justice has its eyes on Tennessee in order to overturn the ban on minors receiving hormone treatments and transition surgery. National Review reports that Henry Leventis said this on Wednesday.

If the law is not challenged, it will prevent transgender children receiving medical care that both their parents and medical professionals have deemed medically necessary. The law does this by substituting the medical judgment and parental consent of parents and trained professionals with the elected officials’ and codifying discrimination against transgender children.

The DOJ isn’t much help. What did you expect, then? Local detectives will prevail in the absence of our federal government. Or they turn a blind-eye. Where is the outrage of the trans community beyond that? Where is the trans community when it comes to this? I know lesbians, gays and bisexuals are trying their best to distance themselves from trans issues but where is the transcommunity? Why doesn’t the trans community tell Zeebdemon it will not tolerate child victimization? The Rainbow crowd was the first group to go after Zeebdemon. This person, and anyone like them, should be frozen out of the movement.

We were discussing this exact issue when we debated men using women’s restrooms and locker rooms. We warned that there would be some deviants using this movement to get off their rocks. What do you know? We were right.

The new sexual revolution has raised many issues. One objection was based on biblical principles. Strangely, the sins that this movement commits are all rooted in Original Sin. Its adherents are like Adam and Eve. They care about themselves only.