Eco-Extremists Disrupt London Pride Parade, Sparking Clash of the Leftists

It’s funny when leftists interrupt other leftists because they aren’t as extreme. The radical environmental group, “Just Stop Oil”, crashed the London Pride Parade on Sunday and laid down in the street to stop it.

What is their complaint? Just Stop Oil’s James Skeet said in a press release that many of the sponsors are “highly polluting”.

Pride was born out of protest. It shows how far we have come as a society when high-polluting industries and banks who fund them now use Pride to sanitize their reputations while accelerating social decline.

How can you fix the problem? You should lie down on the street.

Skeet went on and on with his statement, even suggesting that there is a “social collapse” in our country. I believe he might be right–it’s only that I see it as a result of completely different causes than he believes.

The first to suffer in this social collapse are queer people and in particular queer people of color in the global South. What would the people who started the gay liberation movements during the Stonewall Riots of 1969 think about the corporate spectacle that Pride has become today?

These partnerships are embarrassing to the LGBTQ+ community at a moment when the majority of the culture is rejecting these toxic industries.

Ask Target or Bud Light. He is not wrong. The vehicle in which the protesters are seated is a Coca-Cola Bus with rainbow-decorated graphics.

Just Stop Oil has a history of destructive protests, and in 2022 they threw soup at an expensive Vincent Van Gogh. As my colleague noted, activists in London blocked commuter roads in the same year and demanded a “halt to all future licensing of exploration, development, and production of petroleum and gas.”

The citizens were able to drag them off the road, but they did it again, spraying paint on the windows of the U.K. TotalEnergies Building in June. I’m not sure how this is going to benefit the environment.

The police were out in force and the protesters were rounded up and taken away. Seven were arrested. Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, encouraged more protests like this by saying:

I feel very strongly that we must tackle the climate crisis. I am passionate about encouraging others to join in the fight against the climate crisis. I believe that protests should be safe, peaceful, and legal.

This whole incident reminds me of when Greta Thunberg, a climate extremist, went to Norway in order to protest against wind turbines. Wasn’t it that she was a fan of wind turbines?

If people like Thunberg have their way, it doesn’t seem like these protests will stop anytime soon. She said at the 2022 London Book Festival:

When asked to comment on recent protests by Just Stop Oil, which saw activists throw soup at Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ at London’s National Gallery. Thunberg replied, “People are looking for new methods because they realize that the things we’ve been doing haven’t worked.”

“It’s only reasonable to expect these kinds of different actions.”

No, it’s not reasonable in the slightest. Throwing soup at priceless paintings will do exactly nothing to help anything. I often feel that many of these lost souls are more addicted to the act of protesting than they are about caring about the causes they espouse.

It’s fun to watch the leftists protesting other leftists. Next, maybe we’ll see leftists protesting against leftists that are protesting against another leftist. It should be a lot of fun.