DUI Driver Identified in Shocking California Christmas Parade Crash

Bakersfield Police Department identified the driver accused of DUI who allegedly hit three people Thursday night before the city’s Christmas Parade.

The police started: “72-year-old Alan Booth drove through a crowd and struck three men just before the Christmas parade started in his community.”

According to officials, an initial investigation revealed Booth had driven northbound in an alleyway at a high speed and hit the three men. He then continued to drive backward across 21st Street and stopped near the downtown Bakersfield Fire Station, on H Street.

Booth was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, according to investigators. A video taken by a spectator in the crowd showed a policeman allegedly leading a man in handcuffs away from the scene.

Officials said that all three victims, aged 21, 42, and 77 were in stable condition.

The accident is still under investigation.