Drummer of Def Leppard Rick Allen Got Assaulted by a 19-Year-Old

According to a Fox News report Rick Allen, drummer of Def Leppard was attacked by a 19-year-old outside a Fort Lauderdale hotel.

Outside of the Four Seasons, Max Hartley was reportedly hiding behind an iron pole and Allen was outside smoking a cigarette. Hartley allegedly ran at Allen and knocked him to the ground. Allen got injured when he hit his head on the ground.

A woman came outside to Allen’s aid after he was attacked. Hartley then allegedly attacked her, beating her to the ground and repeatedly striking her. She was able to run back into the hotel but was followed by Hartley, who allegedly grabbed the woman by her hair and dragged her back outside

The 19-year-old fled the area and was later captured by Conrad hotel staff, as he was walking through a garage allegedly damaging cars.

Allen gave a statement to police indicating that he would like to see the perpetrator charged.

Hartley was charged with one count of abusing an elderly or disabled person without great injuries.

We immediately requested a comment from Allen. However, a representative didn’t respond.

According to police, the victim’s arm was broken in 1984. After that accident, he had to learn to drum again.

“A lot of my peers, a lot of fans, my family… a lot of encouragement, they all tried to help lift me up, and then finally I got it,” Allen told Page Six in November. “I got to a point where I realized I can do this… It wasn’t until after the fact that I discovered the power of the human spirit and that’s what really propelled me to where I am now.”

Allen continues to be the drummer for Def Leppard. The band performed over the weekend with Mötley Crüe in Hollywood, Florida.