DNC Disaster Leads To Universal Scam

The Democratic National Convention is officially over and it failed to give us any plans for the economy or outline Biden’s policies as a presidential candidate. But hey, there were musical performances and BLM imagery throughout the event. That’s how the left earns their votes, right? Through theatrical productions and speeches drowning in social justice ideas. 

The radical left did not try to appeal to the middle or address any problems. It was just another cautionary tale of getting the “evil orange man” out of office, without providing any alternative solutions. There’s a deep enthusiasm for the Black Lives Matter movement, but that was about it. 

One of the biggest mistakes the Biden campaign team made was waiting for Joe’s decision on a running mate. Because many of the speakers like Michelle Obama pre-taped their speeches, they didn’t even bother to re-tape and add in references to VP pick Kamala Harris.

The lack of enthusiasm for Harris was so blatantly obvious when they couldn’t even bring together 30 people to clap for her at the end of her speech. There was a screen showing different people from different places cheering, but there was one problem. They duplicated people to fill out the screen and were caught. People on social media busted them for the slip-up and it was truly embarrassing. The empty spaces are just another reflection of Joe Biden and his career in office. Doing nothing for 47 years, besides achieving a crime bill that the Dems are now trying to run away from. 

You’ve got Joe having difficulty even filling a room during his campaign, while Kamala can’t even fill a screen during the Democratic National Convention. Who organized this disaster?

By this point, we’ve realized the entire convention was a socialism infomercial, so what’s next? Well, their only real chance of victory will be through widespread cheating. Universal mail-in balloting sounds good enough.

“One of the most effective strategies for protecting the integrity of American elections is keeping voter rolls clean. Carefully maintained records will better prepare state and local governments to quickly recover from any future cyber-attacks. In addition to fraud concerns, unkempt rolls can serve as a warning signal to future corruption and failures in local governments,” said J. Christian Adams, Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) President and General Counsel. 

There are endless amounts of danger in sending ballots to everyone on the voting rolls. The Public Interest Legal Foundation has even gone so far as to sue the state of Pennsylvania for refusing to disclose how many non-citizens are on their voting rolls. 

We’re always told that every election is the most important election…but this time? It really is one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Look at how far the Dems are willing to go to avoid President Donald Trump having another term in office. We must make sure we fight against universal mail-in balloting and we get our family, friends, and acquaintances to vote.