Disney Under Fire for ‘Cancel Culture’ Against Conservative Employees

By now, America knows that Disney is a company that has been taken over by radical leftists. The resulting product, however, has rendered the company unviable. There have also been reports of people in the company being harassed because they are conservative.

A whistleblower released evidence that this exact thing was happening.

As highlighted first by Bounding into Comics, an unnamed Disney whistleblower handed documents to a YouTube channel named WDW Pro that revealed employees were required to take woke actions to keep their jobs. Your bonus could be directly linked to the feelings of Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton about you.

Newton, as we reported previously, was one of Disney’s architects in its descent into social justice. She had been working for the company since 2017, and she did a lot of damage to Disney’s forced applause. According to the whistleblower who spoke out, Newton terrorized employees into obedience, and persecuted conservatives.

“If, beginning in the summer of 2020, you expressed political beliefs at work, outside of the office, or through social media, and these political or sociocultural views did not align with the very left-wing views, you can expect to be sent by HR for some serious discussions and conversations,” WDW Pro explained, discussing the whistleblower’s information.

As Bounding explains in the video, this is how they started removing conservative employees and creating an ideologue paradise for leftists.

He explained that if someone went beyond just filling out a Word document with DEI requirements for their MBO document and instead posted on social media to show support for conservative values, they would be brought into the HR department. “By doing this, The Walt Disney Company has eliminated the vast majority of conservative employees, turning the company into a monolithic state where everyone is either on the far left of the spectrum, or a moderate, or conservative, in hiding. ”

WDW Pro said, “The whistleblower claims that if he had known what working at Disney was like, he would have been devastated. He had dreamed about working there for so many years. ”

The whistleblower revealed that the company’s hiring process and company training were also affected.

The requirements included also “prioritizing and promoting attendance at or participation in D&I initiatives (diversity & inclusion).” Hiring and elevating individuals based on their identity is included in this.

According to WDW Pro, the whistleblower was unable to provide written proof that Disney bullied conservatives. However, they weren’t the only ones who made this claim.

We reported that a group of anonymous employees sent an open letter asking for an end to the internal cultural war which was causing many employees to suffer. The employees revealed that those who did not embrace leftism were intimidated and harassed both by their leadership and other employees. These employees were called “bigots”, and they were forced to hide their true beliefs to avoid being exposed.

They referred to a poll that asked if they “felt welcomed in the company”, and said that many workers “didn’t answer it, because we were worried that the results could be used against us for holding a silent position that runs counter to the progressive orthodoxy Disney appears to promote.”

Workers complained that “the company has fostered a fear-based environment that any employee not following the rules will be exposed and terminated.”

In an interview with Ben Shapiro, Gina Carano revealed that Disney bullies her and other Disney employees.

Speaking with The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, Carano said, “I’ve been through so much, and I’ve seen so much now, clearly, of the bullying that’s been taking place, and I saw it before.”

She added, “I know I’m not alone in being bullied by the company. If I shared a story that would change things, I would be selling out a close friend… Everyone is afraid to lose their job.”

Disney has been burning itself to death. Disney used to be a powerhouse in entertainment. It was destined to dominate the entertainment industry. However, the radical practices it adopted both inside and outside the company destroyed its reputation and cost it billions in a very short period of time. In just ONE YEAR, the approval rating dropped from 77 to 33 percent.

This is not a new thing. As I stated at the start of this article this information is just confirmation of what we already knew without much proof. It’s still a good reminder of how harmful these DEI programs can be, and that’s not just for companies but also for the livelihoods and well-being of those who are caught in the crosshairs.