Did the Biden Administration Pressure Facebook to Censor Conservative Speech?

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH, has launched a Twitter attack against Facebook/Meta as well as the Biden administration.

Here is the thread. It’s worth a few minutes of your day to read the entire thing if you are concerned about the future of our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Rep. Jordan is adamant about this issue. He has all the receipts in this thread.

Jordan’s thread contains an email from April 20,21 which states:

The White House, the media, and other external stakeholders continue to pressure us to remove any COVID-19 vaccine-discouragement content. We recently sent the White House a report of the 100 most popular vaccine-related Facebook posts in the U.S. during the week of 4/5-4/11. The White House, however, was concerned about the third post on the list. It was a humorous meme that discouraged vaccinations. They asked us to remove it.

The worst is yet to come

If you haven’t paid attention to the news since 1791, here is why Facebook has no right or power to force the federal government into doing anything (emphasis added).

Congress may not pass any law that prohibits the free practice of religion or restricts the freedom of expression or of the media or limits the right to peacefully assemble and petition the government for a remedy of grievances.

The Executive Branch, which is the branch that is controlled by the president, can only enforce the laws passed by Congress. Congress cannot abridge the right to freedom of expression. The First Amendment does not stipulate that the speech must have been approved by a bureaucrat or an elected official. There is no qualification that states “…except corporations.”

You have to allow Nazis to parade. You have to allow Antifa to scream “fascism”, as long as they do not block roads, loot or start fires. The government cannot interfere with the voices of the best and worst among us. Even the ACLU understood that.

Rep. Jordan appears to understand it and is not finished holding Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook/Meta accountable.

The GOP panel members have accused Meta’s moderation practices of not cooperating in its investigation.

The committee announced on Tuesday that they will be considering their report, which recommends Congress hold Zuckerberg in contempt of Congress during a session scheduled for Thursday.

In February, House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R – Ohio) began an investigation into the way tech companies communicated with the federal government. The vote on Thursday follows a series of hearings by the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee for the Weaponization Federal Government on the same subject.

Rep. Jordan is also investigating other social media sites and examining the information they provide, in order to find more evidence of Biden administration coercion.

Jordan began subpoenaing executives of Meta, Alphabet, and Microsoft in February about their communications to the federal government. Since then, there have been numerous hearings on the topic by the subcommittee for weaponization.

This part should make readers skeptical; Congress has little power to enforce its decisions, and the only thing they can do is issue a contempt charge, which will be ignored, or send another letter with strong words.

Strongly Worded.

The evidence that has been uncovered is still chilling. Facebook/Meta and Twitter and similar companies are private and have the right to set and implement their editorial policies. It’s extremely disconcerting that the federal government puts pressure on these companies. It is also alarming that Facebook has just caved into pressure when the right response would have been to tell federal bureaucrats they should f*ck off and refer them to the First Amendment.