Desperate Biden Falsely Claims Republicans Will Kill Medicare and Social Security

In 2003, President George W. Bush campaigned for re-election. He praised Congress for passing a Medicare prescription drug benefit reform that he supported.

Democrats were railing against Bush, claiming that Republicans wanted to end the publicly funded senior health care program. Bush was clear when he called out his rivals.

“They used to call Medicare ‘Mediscare’ for people in the political process,” Bush said at a hospital in the nation’s capital. “Some said Medicare reform can never be done. We’re acting. We acted on principle in Washington, D.C.”

In 2000, Bush ran against Al Gore. Bush described the vice president as “running on Mediscare — trying to frighten people into the voting booth.”

This is an age-old tactic: scare voters by claiming that the other side will take away all their favorite things.

With just weeks before the midterm elections, and pollsters predicting a bloodbath for Democrats in the near future, President Joe Biden is attempting the strategy, according to The New York Times.

The Gray Lady stated that President Biden warned Tuesday that Republicans pose a threat to Social Security, Medicare, and other programs. This amplifies Democrats’ efforts to make America’s fate a central campaign issue before the November midterm elections.

Biden stated that Republicans would reduce entitlement programs if Congress is taken over, but provided no details.

Biden spoke from the White House Rose Garden, saying “What do they think they’re going do?” He showed a copy from a plan by Senator Rick Scott (R.FL), which he claimed would “sunset Medicare and Social Security,” phasing them out.

“Folks know that Senator Scott, who is in charge of electing United States senators, has proposed a plan that would see Social Security and Medicare go under the hammer every five years. The president stated that it means that every five years you can either reduce it, reduce it, or eliminate it completely — Social Security and Medicare.”

Democrats are desperate to demonize Republicans, as inflation is soaring and gas and food prices have soared. They’re clearly out of their talking points as Senator Patty Murray (D.WA), who is suddenly locked in a close race, said this week that “Republicans plan on ending Social Security and Medicare if it takes back the Senate.”

Another super-liberal newspaper, The Washington Post, checked Murray’s claims and gave it “four Pinocchios,” its highest rating for lying.

The paper pointed out that Vice President Biden had claimed in 2011 that House Republicans supported a plan to “eliminate Medicare in the next ten years.” In the 2020 presidential race, Biden stated that President Donald Trump had a plan to eliminate Social Security benefits and make them disappear in three years.

“Now comes another iteration in this campaign attack.” The Post stated, “It is just as empty as previous attacks.”

The paper stated, “Scott had also denied wanting to end Medicare and Social Security.”

Scott was asked by Fox News whether his plan could “potentially sunset programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security” and he said that his proposal was meant to bring attention to how to address future funding shortages. Glenn Kessler, fact-checker, wrote.

“No one I know wants to end Medicare or Social Security. But what we are doing is that we don’t even talk. In four years, Medicare is bankrupt. Scott stated that Social Security will go bankrupt in twelve years. I believe we should figure out how to preserve these programs. We should take the time and preserve every program we care about.

The Post provided four Pinocchios to Murray’s claim. It is identical to Biden’s. “This is another example of Democrats trying to conjure up an unexistent GOP plan for Social Security and Medicare.”

Look out for the talking point to appear everywhere in the next six weeks, and again during the 2024 presidential campaign.