Deranged Left-Wing Nut Throws Fit Because CNN Dared To Feature A Daily Caller Alum On Morning Show

Parker Molloy is a writer and activist who advocates for transgender rights. On Thursday, CNN announced that Kaitlan Collin, former Daily Caller reporter would be cohosting a new morning program.

CNN announced that “New Day” will be discontinued and replaced by a morning roundtable featuring Collins, Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon.

Molloy tweeted: “An ex-Employee from Daily Caller will now host CNN’s morning show,”

Molloy responded with a tweet about an eight-year-old article called “Ice Bucket Challenge Hipsters: These Guantanamo Prisoners Do It First” Collins had previously written.

“It’s great to see CNN get back into real news by, uh… letting “lol waterboarding” author host their morning show!” article hosts their morning show. ”

Molloy spent time searching for other Collins pieces. Collins was writing entertainment pieces such as “DIY!” Collins was at that time writing entertainment pieces like “DIY! ”

Molloy acknowledged that Collins is a great person but didn’t have any complaints. He said, however, that he would be criticized if he gave his morning show to an ex-Employee of Daily Caller.