Denver Mayor Tweeted “Avoid Travel” Before Boarding His Flight

    We’ve seen months of left-winged government officials enforcing draconian COVID-19 restrictions on small businesses and citizens while still going golfing, throwing dinner parties, and traveling themselves. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock recently gave his own warning about traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday since seeing a record spike in coronavirus cases, then reportedly boarded a plane to Houston.

    The Mayor had posted a series of messages on Twitter right before his flight warning people to “Pass the potatoes, not COVID” and “Avoid travel, if you can.” He’s not doing the best at following his own advice on avoiding travel. One could argue that heading to Houston for family Thanksgiving is considered “non-essential.” People have stopped listening to the restrictions because of the hypocrisy of their elected officials.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done, California Gov. Newsom can throw a luxurious dinner party with multiple households, Michigan Gov. Whitmer has skirted her own executive orders, and now Denver Mayor Hancock is going traveling. “Rules for thee and not for me” does not make for credible leadership. There is no accountability for their hypocrisy.

    Hancock did what every other Dem has done so far (besides Pelosi who blamed the hair salon) and issued an apology out to the public. The people who force others to lose their businesses and slap COVID-19 fines on those who go against rules and lockdowns are the same people who do whatever they want. This is the last time people will listen to “public health guidance” from many of our elected politicians, including Mayor Hancock.

    “I fully acknowledge that I have urged everyone to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel. I have shared how my family canceled our plans for our traditional multi-household Thanksgiving celebration,” tweeted Mayor Hancock.

    Hancock posted a series of tweets that turned his public apology into a massive self-pity party. He wrote that his decision has “disappointed many” who believed it would have been better to spend Thanksgiving alone and that he made his decision as a “husband and father.” Everyone wants to do what Hancock did this holiday season but have not used it as an excuse to break any guidelines or government recommendations. Why should he be any different?

    The left will fuel the American people with fear that COVID-19 is one of the most dangerous pandemics we’ve ever seen when it’s really just another liberal game to gain power.

    If COVID-19 were really that dangerous, would the Mayor be traveling?