Democrats Wail After LA County Supervisor Raid, Irony Dies in the Process

Jennifer Van Laar released a report Wednesday on the Sheriff’s raid at Sheila Kuehl’s home. Kuehl was previously criticized for calling mask mandate opponents “snowflakes” in national headlines.

A corruption scandal also involves the directing of large amounts of money to a friend’s organization for a LA Metro hotline for sexual harassment. Despite their recent reaction to the FBI’s use of such tactics, it would seem that Democrats are in agreement with dawn raids. But you will be surprised to find out that they are actually quite upset.

LA politicians gathered to condemn the raid. The irony was lost in the process.

These are the exact same people who booed at Donald Trump’s raid on his Mar-a-Lago house. They loved Trump associates’ pre-dawn raids. They were marched out in their underwear in handcuffs. They stated that law enforcement’s actions should not be questioned and that search information should be kept confidential. The gnashing and crying of teeth start when law enforcement stops being used to pursue political ends and instead investigates legitimate corruption.

It is particularly rich to mention that the warrant had “no information at all”. What did they expect? The basic rights to search and the right to seize property are what warrants usually cover. Was she aware that there would be a dissertation?

Kuehl was a member of the LA Metro’s board of directors. Kuehl personally contributed nearly $1,000,000 to a friend’s non-profit for a service that was largely unnecessary. To answer a few calls per day, you don’t need a million dollars. It is obvious that this happened, and the prosecutors should investigate all possible criminal activity. It’s a good thing that some LA politicians are angry about this. This is a sign that the Sheriff has lost the target.

Although I don’t believe this investigation into Kuehl to be political, I love its implications. Let Democrats follow their own rules. If they violate the law, make them face raids. Demonstrate to them that there isn’t a two-tiered justice process that will always protect you. It is the only way to restore some credibility and sanity to the current situation.