Democrats Sound The Alarm After GOP Blocks For The People Act

The Democrat’s 800-page HR1 , otherwise known as the “For The People Act,” just failed to advance by a 50-50 vote, 10 votes short of the required 60. The has been falsely referred to as a “voting rights” , even though it would weaken election security, undermine state election integrity efforts, use taxpayer dollars to fund political campaigns, and ban voter ID. The radical left’s attempt to nationalize elections and implement federal election regulations is nothing more than a political takeover. Talk about a GOP victory.

Republican state officials have continued to criticize the for its attempt to tell states how to run elections and grant more power to corrupt politicians. They argued that the would politicize the Federal Election Commission and put restrictions on political speech. There is even a section of the that allows politicians to draw a salary from campaign donations.

After the vote was successfully blocked, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told people that in the fight for voting rights “this vote was the starting gun, not the finish line.”

Left-leaning White correspondent Yamiche Alcindor also talked about how the GOP’s block is “moving fast away from what the founders wanted.” Wait, weren’t Democrats trying to cancel the Founding Fathers? Now they are asking what the founders would think about Republicans blocking the For the People Act? The hypocrisy never ends.

“This is going to be a debate about whether or not we want America to be the place that the founders, flawed as they may have been, the founders wanted it to be, which is a place where people could vote and people could have access to who were the electorate officials,” Alcindor said.

Most people can agree that if the founders had any opinions about the government trying to steamroll voter laws, none of them would be positive.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez also gave a poor response to the GOP voting block and tweeted out that “a minority of senators” should not be able to block the voting rights of millions of people. She wrote that she must be from that “far-left of thought” that legislation should pass when a majority of legislators vote for it.

Republican communicator Matt Whitlock pointed out her bad and asked to know more about the “far-left of thought” that teaches either side has a majority when the vote is 50/50. The idea of having one chamber to represent the people “equally” does not exist unless they want the nation to have a mentality. Oh right, they do.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has claimed that our American democracy is in peril and CNN’s Chris Cuomo warned of an “existential battle” taking place and sounded off on Democrats for not being prepared. Times Mara Gay even said that the election failing in the Senate is “some of the darkest hours of your books coming to life.”

Democrats are inciting violence, making threats, and doing everything they can to push their political agenda. They want to see your vaccine passport, but not your ID to vote. You need an ID to drive a , go to a concert, obtain insurance and do almost everything else. The most important thing in this country’s is the right to vote. Why wouldn’t that require an ID?