Democrats Facing Death by a Thousand Paper-Cuts

According to RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden’s approval rating average is 39.8 percent. He’s at 33.6 percent on the economy. It’s 35.5 percent for immigration. It’s at 39 percent for foreign policy. He’s at 50.3 percent for the coronavirus – his highest number.

An average of 22.7 percent of Americans believe the country is heading in the right direction.

In a way they had never done before, far-left progressives took over the party in Biden’s first term. They fought against the moderate wing of the party and pitted the President’s Office against key Senators from their own teams. Only the COVID-19 package of aid, now called the American Rescue Plan, was able to pass Congress. It is the only piece that contributed to American inflation.

The Senate is not interested in Biden’s agenda. Multiple reports have come in from media outlets stating that the Democrats want Biden not to limit his executive authority.

Biden’s black voter support is waning. His voter base, which he won over in 2018 and 2020, has lost faith. Hispanic voters are now shifting to the Republican Party due to concerns about immigration, education, and other social issues. The party that believed demography was destiny is now watching the demographics change.

The economy is in crisis. Living expenses are becoming more costly every day due to inflation. While gas prices affect everyone, they are particularly affecting the middle and lower classes. It’s impossible to go grocery shopping and not worry about your financial situation. For a country that already had a great number of people struggling with living paycheck-to-paycheck, we’re now making that problem even worse.

It is possible that there will be another shortage of baby formula, given that the Abbott plant that caused the initial shortage was closed again because of flooding, and that the Biden administration won’t relax the regulations that prevent formula imports from being made.

This is also available via Jim Geraghty, National Review.

In January 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ special index for construction materials was 256.4. It was at 344.3 as of March 2022 — a 34% increase. In January 2021, the concrete index was at 179.8. By March 2022 it had increased to 200.3. This is an 11 percent increase. Although the price of steel has fluctuated, with it dropping rapidly at various points, it remains at a historic high level. You’ve likely noticed the high oil price.

Other construction costs have also increased. The cost of Gypsum, which is used in plaster and ceiling tiles, has risen 20 percent from last year. Insulation has seen a 17% increase in cost over the past year. Paint is so scarce that paint manufacturers are buying back paint in order to make new products. This article in American Painting Contractor is a joke, but it’s not exactly true. You guys, thanks for dating this article on March 30. The country does face a shortage of paint.

What happens when all 50 states, and an unknown number of localities, all attempt to purchase these products simultaneously? What happens when the demand for these products rises rapidly but the supply remains constant? Some consumers are unable to get the products they want or must wait longer before getting them delivered because of skyrocketing prices.

Even the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which is highly anticipated, doesn’t seem to be able to create the jobs and make the necessary improvements that it promised.

All is well with Joe Biden, the Democrats, and all at once.

Joe Biden is lucky to be in charge of some things. Yes, there’s global inflation. And yes, Putin has declared war on Ukraine. This has caused severe disruption to global energy and food prices. However, inflation in America is far more severe than global inflation. It can be argued that Putin was only content to declare war on Ukraine because it was Biden and no one stronger who was in control of America.

Many of the problems we face are the result of Biden’s policies and the Democrats’ activism. Because the Biden administration was ready to close the fossil fuel industry, domestic energy production has been halted. They made domestic production so expensive that they couldn’t make it profitable. Instead of investing in new leases, investors want to see a return for what they have invested before. Despite the Biden administration’s persistent demands for increased production, energy companies are closing their doors.

Moreover, Democrats are having a hard time on social issues. Voters aren’t as concerned about trans and abortion as they would like and are more inclined to support Republican talking points regarding public education.

Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, and voters are not likely to find relief until they lock in their November choices. The January 6 hearings were mostly ignored by Americans. They don’t believe that we are in a recession and are simply heading for the exits to support the Democratic Party.

Although there is no permanent political majority, the Democrats could have been a minority for a decade due to their political behavior.