Dem Mayor Insists On Reopening Restaurants

    Several left-leaning politicians have changed their tune regarding COVID-19 and the economy since the Electoral College Votes certified Joe Biden as the next elected President of the United States. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who spent months advocating draconian lockdown measures, is now insisting that bars and restaurants need to reopen for indoor services as quickly as possible.

    The COVID-19 wave has become nothing more than a ripple to the Democrat Party, indicating that they were making situations much worse in their state in order to blame President Trump. Pretty convenient timing that the moment the election is over, politicians need everything opened all of a sudden.

    “Let’s bring it out of the shadows, let’s allow them to have some recreation in restaurants, in bars, where we can actually work with responsible owners and managers to regulate and protect people from COVID-19, so I feel very strongly that we are very close to a point where we should be talking about opening our bars and restaurants,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot told the Chicago Tribune.

    Mayor Lightfoot changed her tone after celebrity chef Rick Bayless and a group of city restaurateurs called for her to push back the ban and allow 20% indoor dining starting Jan. 29. They argued that restaurants are some of the safest places at the front and center of everything.

    A recent study by researchers at Northwestern and Stanford universities also showed that restaurants aren’t the “super-spreaders” the left-leaning government leaders made them out to be. Keeping places closed did nothing but create a massive unemployment problem and rampant bankruptcies.

    Conservative politicians, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, have already spent months bashing government-mandated lockdowns by the radical left and approaching the pandemic with a hands-off approach. Gov. Noem insists on saving the economy by trusting her people to make the right decisions and avoiding statewide restrictions.

    Evidence is still significantly thin linking lockdowns to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Full lockdown policies in Western European countries have shown no evident impacts on the COVID-19 pandemic regarding growth rate, time, and death toll. Other countries that applied less restrictive social distancing measures still saw the same evolution in the pandemic.

    Mayor Lightfoot said she would be talking with Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker is reopening restaurants quickly since she thinks the ban has led to secret super-spreader parties. While spending last year pushing strict rules on liquor sales and enforcing lockdowns on small businesses, Mayor Lightfoot has attempted to reposition herself differently this year.

    Democrats continue to lay out the groundwork for pushing a “Biden saved the country” narrative to rollout Wednesday, January 20. They’ve changed their tones on violence, the police, the economy, and now saving the restaurant industry. What’s next?