Dem Group Founded To Fight Disinformation Paid Nearly $1M To Discredited Steele Dossier Researchers

Liberal donors supported a non-profit that was set up to combat disinformation. However, new tax documents show that hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid for the research team that discredited Steele’s dossier.

Christopher Steele was paid $521K by the Democracy Integrity Project and Fusion GPS $405K by Fusion GPS last year.

The tax form says that it seeks the preservation of democracy around the world through the management and engagement of a network that uncovers details that could be used to influence elections.

George Soros is a liberal billionaire who donated at least $1M in 2018 to Democracy Integrity Project and has considered donating more. Marc Elias hired Fusion GPS for Steele’s dossier. It claimed that Trump was being blackmailed and had connections to the Russian government.

John Durham (Special Counsel) indicted Russian national Igor Danchenko early this month. He was believed to be a sub-source of Steele’s dossier information.

Some platforms had to add notes and edit articles earlier in the month that incorrectly identified one of their key sources. They stated that they couldn’t guarantee the accuracy of these elements in reporting.

CNN published an earlier article stating that dossier credibility has declined significantly.

Marshall Cohen, a reporter, wrote that a number of lawsuits and investigations had discredited Steele’s source material. This raised serious questions about Trump’s most controversial claims and shed light on Trump’s involvement in the dossier of well-connected Dems. Separate efforts were made to get the FBI involved in investigating Trump’s ties to Russia.