Deceptive Statistics: Manipulation in Numbers and Those Who Exploit Them

It is a common saying that statistical analyses are useless. But, you can’t run an operation quality assurance program without statistics. Statistics can be manipulated and those with political agendas (such as California Governor Gavin Newsom), are quite adept at cherry-picking data. It is not the intention to use data to make policy decisions but to select and manipulate data in a dishonest manner to support predetermined conclusions.

Democrats and their supporters responded by pointing out that the highest gun violence rates are in Republican-controlled states: “Gun violence worse in red states.” Politico’s headline read: “It’s not even close.” Forbes said, “Red States have higher gun death rates than blue states.”

The different storylines show how data can be manipulated to create a variety of stories, including those about school shootings and mass shootings.

It’s more likely that you will be struck by lightning rather than die in a shooting. Do not get me wrong, every incident is tragic. However, I find it more offensive when people try to push their agenda by lying about these events.

You will find the following:

The murder rate in Trump counties is only slightly higher in states won by Trump than it is in counties won by Biden, but the murder rate in Biden counties won in Trump states was 83% higher. This could be more about demographics and law enforcement than state gun laws.

African Americans, for example, commit half of all murders in America, despite only making up 13.6%. In the counties where Biden won, there were almost four times as many black voters. This gap is even greater in counties that Trump won than in states that Biden won.

The difference is even greater when you break down large counties of over 100,000 people. This is where 88% of murders occur in the U.S. The murder rates for counties where Biden won are much higher than those won by Trump.

This is a very important issue.

This article shows that the murder rate analysis at the county level paints a very different picture from the one at the state level. This is telling because crime is usually handled at the local level and rarely at the federal or state level. Therefore, it is appropriate to analyze the data at the county level. An analysis of murders at the county level paints a very different picture from what Governor Newsom wants us to believe. It’s even worse that a large number of jurisdictions don’t report crime data.

The FBI relies on voluntary submissions from law enforcement agencies (there are approximately 18,000 in the U.S.). About 7,000 agencies covering 35% of U.S. residents were missing this year.

Remember that when leftists use the term “gun death”, they include suicides. In some areas, up to 70% of firearm-related deaths are caused by suicides. Again, suicides are tragic. But they are a mental issue and not a police issue.

Politicians who promote these false data pulls do so deliberately, cynically, and dishonestly. They are not doing this to improve public security, but rather to advance a political agenda while hiding the real failures of leftist district attorneys and judges. Politicians are trying to disarm law-abiding citizens while also making excuses for criminal activity. This is another example of politics’ simplest calculation: “We have to do something.” “It’s something.” “Let’s do it!”

Here’s the problem: The left may overlook policy solutions that could actually work because it is so focused on blaming a sword for its wielder.