David Axelrod Sees Bad News For Biden

CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper” broadcast on Thursday featured Jake Tapper speaking with David Axelrod (a CNN senior political commentator who was formerly a senior Obama advisor). He echoed President Biden’s criticisms and admitted that things are “out of control” in the country and that Biden “is not in command.”

They discussed how Biden has handled many of the political setbacks he’s faced and the other forces that threaten the country, including the 40-year high inflation. This was especially in the face of criticism from his own party.

Tapper mentioned Biden’s recent statement that he was pursuing legislation that would end the Senate filibuster to allow Democrats to codify Roe v. Wade in law. Tapper mentioned that the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade last Wednesday, prompting Tapper to act quickly. However, both Tapper und Axelrod acknowledged that Biden does not have the power to make it happen.

Tapper said, “Well, he’s going to not be able to achieve it. Tapper stated that Sinema and Manchin are not going to do it. These are only the two who are taking it on the chin. Many Democratic senators are concerned, though less publically, about the possibility of changing filibuster rules.

Tapper’s point was acknowledged by Axelrod. He said “Yes, yes,” adding that “and Manchin, Sinema provide a covering for them.”

Axelrod said that the inability Biden has to end the filibuster is a reflection of the sad situation he’s in as president. This is the situation that Biden finds itself in. It’s a feeling that everything is out of control, and Biden isn’t in charge. This is what leads to the “out of control” feeling.

Commentator said that high inflation and high gas prices make Biden appear weak. “Inflation is something that no president can control, but it’s a gale force wind right at the moment. It’s affecting politics,” Axelrod said, adding that “You heard him today on gas prices.” He speaks about the gas tax vacation, but he’s not going to get it. There are many Americans skeptical about that.

Axelrod stated, “So, you understand, this is very, very fraught for him right now.”

Tapper later brought up the recent AP/NORC poll, which revealed that 85% Americans believe that things are heading in the wrong direction. Tapper asked Axelrod about it, and he replied, “That honestly points to disaster for Democrats at November.”

Axelrod said, “If I were to look at the chart, I would say that the vitals are not very good.” His approval rating is 38%. His economic ratings are poor. The consumer confidence is declining. You mentioned the number.

Axelrod suggested that Roe v. Wade’s Supreme Court reversal could have caused a problem in the system. “The only thing I don’t know about the Supreme Court’s ruling last week is how it will affect things.” He said that he had heard from focus groups and polling teams that the decision “doesn’t seem to have galvanized people” and that it raised concerns about Republicans, extremism, and other issues.

He said, “You know, if I were a Republican strategist I would be a bit worried about this right now.”