Daily Beast Columnist Likens Bari Weiss’ COVID Fatigue To American Cruelty, White Supremacy

The liberal media won’t let Bari Weiss, former New York Times opinion editor, admit that she was over coronavirus pandemic. This includes Wajahat Ali, Daily Beast columnist, who said on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut”, that such “selfish” thinking is indicative of America’s roots.

“It reflects America’s cruelty, right?” He said Monday. He said Monday, “We are a generous nation. We have had White supremacy, cruelty, and misogyny. America tells us to go ahead and kill, but we ask that you don’t let me die on your lawn.

Ali said that Americans talk about respecting the “greatest generations” but that when it comes down to the pandemic, they are “F grandma or grandpa.” While some are pro-life and stand up for their children, many parents support COVID.

Ex-New York Times contributor lashed out at those who express exhaustion over the pandemic as selfish Americans incapable of “sacrifice even the minimum,” such as adhering to mandates.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Wajahat Ali react angrily to Bari Weiss’s claim that she’s tired of COVIDVideo
He said, “So, we’re dealing selfish people with their incontinence and materialism who can’t sacrifice the minimum.” “You won’t be able to storm Normandy’s beaches. You should wear a mask every once in a while. It is a sign of selfishness, which is the root cause of our country.”

Joy Reid, the host of Joy Reid, expressed amazement at the “amazing” number of people who don’t care about the COVID death counts. She’s still stressed out about the deaths of victims of tragedies such as 9/11 and the sinking Titanic.

She said, “I can’t sleep thinking about so many people dying simultaneously.”

Both the host and her guest discussed Weiss’ comments. Reid responded that Reid isn’t overly concerned about the pandemic and said that even though Reid is “so bored”, COVID is still alive and well.

Ali stated that “The Bari is so low” for people who complain about canceling culture on the most prestigious platforms. These smug cynics who use contrarianism to shield their selfishness are Ali’s examples. I don’t care if you are annoyed at your dinner dates, about your brunches, or that Bill Maher is on your mind. You’re COVID.

“All of us humans who care about each other, we’re over COVID but we’re doing the right things.”

Ali wrote a Medium Op-Ed Monday with the headline “You’re over Covid?” Congratulations. Covid doesn’t give a —.”. Covid claimed that he wishes he hadn’t had to write the article in 2022 because he “assumed” we would have learned by then.

He wrote, “Nope.” “We live in a self-destructive America, with one of lowest vaccination rates among the G7 countries, thanks to disinformation and the weaponization masks and vaccines of the right-wing and the selfishness of those privileged and obscene.”

Ali said that Weiss and other COVID critics are being “childish”, as his children don’t whine at COVID, but rather respect the sacrifices.

“No, these adults don’t act childish. He said that they were acting like a-holes. “Even the 2-year old wore a mask with no complaints. They are not uncommon.”

He concluded, “So, to all those who are complaining that Covid is ‘done’, I respectfully say that neither I nor Covid really give a s —,”.” You can be part of the solution and act like a responsible adult, doing what is necessary to ensure that everyone can live with security and peace of mind. You can keep being absurd.