Cruz Joins Other GOP Members In Calls To Fire Fauci

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently joined other lawmakers in calling for the removal of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top advisor, arguing that he is being too political and not scientific for the American people. Fauci has faced recent backlash over the leak of thousands of emails revealing his early comments regarding the pandemic and its origins. He received the name ‘Flip-Flop Fauci’ for issues ranging from mask mandates to how COVID-19 was started, clearly indicating that he goes where the money goes…even if it doesn’t make any sense. That’s the Dem way.

Cruz points out that Fauci said whatever was “politically convenient” at the time, ranging from his advice that masks “were not very helpful” to the recommendation that everyone should wear masks. When other members of the GOP Party have tried to ask Fauci to explain his reversed stances, he has been covered and backed by the mainstream media and radical left.

“This is someone that had a position of enormous responsibility in the government, during a time of great peril during a time of a worldwide pandemic. And what these emails showed is that he behaved more like a two-bit politician than a scientist,” Cruz said.

But the contradictions weren’t about the science, it was about protecting the government research money. He had openly stated that masks don’t work before arriving at meetings wearing two of them and fully vaccinated. Cruz also mentioned how Dr. Fauci attacked and criticized the open red states, but applauded the restricted blue states. He called it “completely unacceptable” that Fauci would play political games at the height of a pandemic.

“He would criticize any governor that opened their states, governors like Texas and Florida. But he had no words of criticism for the blue state governor sending people with COVID in the nursing homes and killing tens of thousands,” Cruz said.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene even started the “Fire Fauci Act,” which now has 10 Republican co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. Rep. Buddy Carter, one of the bill’s sponsors, said that the country needs strong leadership, not Dr. Fauci, who simply wants to “stay relevant and control the lives of Americans” everywhere. “We have all seen with our own eyes now how troubling Fauci’s emails are and it’s past time for him to step aside,” he said.

While the act wouldn’t terminate Fauci’s role, it would reduce his salary to $0 until a new director takes over the role. Greene said she is grateful for her colleagues’ support on the bill because Fauci owes the American people a lot of answers.

The bill refers to his flip-flop instructions on mask mandates when Americans would reach herd immunity thresholds, his increasing knowledge about the virus, and its origins. Fauci’s lying not only shows true political bias but true crime, in which he needs to be fired and investigated to the full extent of the law.