CPAC Panel Sums Up COVID Tyranny and Censorship

Reps. Harriet Hageman and Kat Cammack, both from Florida, participated in a panel discussion at the 2023 Conservative Political Action Coalition conference (CPAC). The Left’s and the federal government’s desire to control was what exacerbated the COVID-19 pandemic. This “control factor” is still active. Hageman said, “We are dealing with tyranny.”

Townhall Moderator Katie Pavlich noted that a censorship mentality or a willingness to break the Constitution can have far-reaching, real-world consequences. She said, “Talk about these constitutional violations… there are real-world consequences that have changed American society forever as a consequence of this type of First Amendment censorship or surrogacy.”

Kat Cammack also agreed. Kat Cammack agreed. She referred to a House Oversight hearing about the origins of COVID-19. She gave a detailed summary of how the crisis was more caused by poor decision-making than the COVID-19 virus. “We had people from the CDC and the NIH in front of us, but one person still believed that the disease originated in a cave in China or a market. All evidence points to the contrary.” Even the FBI and Biden’s Energy Department acknowledge that the virus was likely created in a laboratory and leaked.

Cammack continued, “You had the email evidence showing that they wanted silence and de-platform opinions from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford-educated physicians.” We had the Great Barrington Declaration, which had been posted and then de-platformed. Any mention of it meant you would be shadowbanned, suspended, or thrown into Facebook jail. The October 2020 Declaration demanded that lockdown measures cease to be harmful.

Cammack explained that individuals were forced to take decisions they didn’t want to make because of censorship and deception. Cammack explained that people made decisions because they felt pressured. “It is a higher issue we still face even though most COVID campaigns and restrictions have been removed. Cammack stated that the Left’s agenda was about control and dependency. They want you to be dependent on government and government programs in order to maintain control.

Unfortunately, leftists aren’t interested in objective science and fact. Cammack stated that this was not about science. We know now that vaccines are not as effective as they claimed. They were forcing people to make choices, and science is showing that this was not the case. Do you want to go to school? This is what you have to do. Do you want to live in everyday society? You have to put on a mask, get a booster, and do all the things. It’s all because of the control factor.

Cammack didn’t say it, but the same leftist desire to control is evident in education, the economy, entertainment, and other areas of society and politics. The radical Left can’t accept any other narratives or policies than its own.

Cammack pointed out that some citizens of Democrat States are still struggling because they refuse to submit to government oppression. “How many military personnel were fired? She asked how many doctors and nurses are no longer employed as a result of being kicked out of their office or hospital. Despite growing evidence to the contrary, military academies continue to try to force cadets into getting the COVID vaccines despite the fact that they are ineffective and have serious side effects.

Children are particularly affected by COVID errors. Cammack asked, “How many students are now homeschooled? I love homeschooling so that’s fine. But how many have suffered severe mental trauma in school?” The COVID lockdowns saw suicide attempts rise among young people. Young men are especially vulnerable to vaccine-triggered myocarditis. There is also evidence that masking has caused developmental delays or permanent damage to children. Cammack predicted that we will feel the effects of the brain drain for up to 20 years.

Hageman added, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” “And that’s exactly what this was. It was corruption for its own sake and it was absolutely to dominate us.” She said that we only need to look at “inflections” in history such as the Bolshevik Revolution, to understand how this mentality works. Hageman stated, “What you’ll always find is that tyrants always claim they are doing it to your benefit.” Since the beginning of time, that has been the excuse and claim. “I will take care of you.” You might feel miserable but I will take care of your needs.

“And that’s exactly what we’re dealing with.” Hageman insists that we are facing tyranny. People fought back and she said, “I don’t think we’re going to give in next time.” She also stated that she believes government agencies are becoming nervous. She added, “That’s why it’s important to name names.”

Hageman and Cammack both hit the nail on the head. From start to finish, the COVID policies were not about saving lives or science. They were about control.