Could The New Ricky Gervais Special Explain Why Netflix Suggested That Woke Employees Quit?

Netflix’s warning to its employees to leave if they don’t like the company’s work was an indication that Netflix was abandoning a lot of its woke past in favor of a more leftist approach. Many speculated that it was a sign of things to follow.

The company first decided to end a few of its woke programs, particularly those that were aimed at children.

It seems that Netflix’s memo wasn’t for all the shows, but it was for one show in particular. And it came from Ricky Gervais.

Netflix saw the huge success of the Dave Chappelle specials and decided to move forward with a Gervais special for its streaming service. Sources say the comedy special is called SuperNature and contains jokes that poke fun at transgender people.

According to Brodigan at Louder with Crowder (first reported by Brodigan), SiriusXM host Sam Roberts had seen the special and speculated that Netflix’s memo was specifically about Gervais.

Roberts stated, “One-hundred Percent, of Netflix employees, will get mad again.”

Brodigan pointed out that Eoin Higgins, a freelance journalist, was told by Netflix that it had the special in its back pocket but did not release it due to leftist backlash. When it comes to transgender jokes, it is purportedly even worse than Chapelle’s special.

Higgins claims that Netflix is afraid of “right-wing backlash”, but this claim doesn’t hold water. This is mainly because the backlash hasn’t been relegated only to the right.

Netflix discovered that the backlash from the radical left was about as bad as an angry chihuahua. People actually enjoy a good-natured chuckle at sacred cows, even those who are center-left westerners, and Netflix can learn from it. If Higgins’s statement is true, Netflix will learn that it can make more money by opening up to people of different opinions and not closing them. The anger from the radical left will not make much difference.

Gervais is also a celebrity unlike any other. He won the Golden Globes with his speech. This made Gervais a household name among Americans tired of elitists who use the big stage as a soapbox. It also reminded everyone of how vital comedy is in keeping civilization stable.

His special will be released on Tuesday, May 24th.