Cornell’s Red Guards Shut Down Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter was due to speak Wednesday night at Cornell University. The Network of Enlightened Women invited her to speak at Cornell University Wednesday night. A segment of the student body was horrified at the idea that anyone might express an unapproved opinion, so a group of vigilantes arrived to stop the event. They succeeded. Campus Reform reports that Coulter attempted to speak over the noise for 27 minutes before he was forced to leave the stage.

Eight of them were taken from the event. Cornell offered an apology. Joel M. Malina (Vice President for University Relations) told Campus Reform that he was disappointed by the behaviour of the ersatz protestors and that he is sorry. He said that they would be referred to for conduct violations. This would mean that WIFI privileges at student union will be revoked for one day. It’s also important to note that it took 27 minutes before anyone took action. Fear can be a powerful motivator.

Coulter was honest and opinionated when I interviewed her once. Coulter was very direct with me about some issues. It was difficult to do because it was a telephone interview. It was fine because 1) it makes for great radio and 2) ideas must be exchanged. Even though I may disagree with some ideas. It is not just a exercise in First Amendment rights. It is also how civilized societies move forward.

You can watch the video again. I didn’t see any vestiges or civilization. College protests are made up of white, well-off students. They bear a striking resemblance with the opening sequences from 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Did you notice the expressions “Words can be violent” and “We don’t want your ideas here?” This is not a group of emotionally toddlers who have been overindulged. You are witnessing a group young adults suffering from both seared minds and seared consciences.

It’s not that these students don’t like Anne Coulter. Coulter is a bit acerbic and brusque. That’s her style. The most frightening thing about Coulter is her willful ignorance and refusal to hear or engage with any other ideas. They have lost control of not only their brains but also their souls. They have done an amazing job by the person who indoctrinated and trained them. These people aren’t just immature and spoiled. They are not as open-minded and independent as they seem. They may not be able to spell “Machiavellian”, but they know the basics of the philosophy.

They will be lawyers, legislators and activist investors, determined to bring down everything they don’t understand or destroy. That is, if they graduate college. They might become forever-students and major in Tantrums 101. This will allow them to create nothing, improve nothing, help no one, and be angry for reasons they don’t know. They are not able to be reasoned and can’t be stopped. They have demonstrated in the past that violence is not something they fear.

It has happened in the past throughout the history of the world. Even for activists, it never ends well. Imagine their shock when, after the socialist utopia is established, these young “ungovernables”, find themselves in the same cells as the others or on the same lists on which they placed others. Imagine their shock when they were told to shut down.

They have surrendered to forces and causes they do not understand. I feel sorry for them. They are happy to sacrifice your life in the process.