Cornel West Freezes Up in Bizarre Interview

Politicians might remember this iconic moment during the 2015-16 GOP primaries when Chris Christie smashed “Little Marco Rubio,” who appeared to glitch out on stage and repeated the “dispel this fiction/notion.” line over and over.

Chris Christie called Rubio out for this “memorized speech of 25 seconds.” Rubio did not respond, both because the statement was true, and because, as per Christie’s criticisms, he had no preprogrammed talking points to counter it.

Rubio’s presidential campaign was effectively over if it had ever been viable. It was memorable because it revealed that most politicians are nothing more than empty suits with their heads filled with talking points from consultants.

Trump’s appeal to the base was also due to this fact. Trump doesn’t use soundbites.

Rubio’s embarrassing collapse on stage has not been fully taken in by mainstream politicians.

Even the dissident Cornel West, in an interview with Jimmy Dore yesterday, gave a Rubioesque performance by repeating “white supremacy”, a talking point that is a central part of his campaign.

Dore tries to convince West to return to a viable message by explaining that the focus should be on class, which is more important and more relevant for a third-party candidate.

The elite believe in class war and are brutal in their tactics, as I have shown in the context of Charlie Munger, a billionaire technologist, and his war against the middle and lower classes.

It is not a matter of morality, but rather a political one. If Cornel is going to base his entire campaign on something called “white superiority,” which has been overused and abused to the point that it no longer means anything to voters who aren’t lobotomized or don’t watch MSNBC, then there is little that can separate him from Democrats.

“White supremacy,” “transphobia,” etc. All the Democrat candidates have to say is “White supremacy,” “transphobia,” etc. They are not offering an affirmative vision, but only a mindless culture war division that will scare minorities, suburban wine moms, and Zoomers to the polls. Why not vote for the real deal if Cornel is going to sell himself as a Social Justice elite?

The corporate state media, if Cornel is ever perceived as a threat to Joe Biden in a real way, will accuse him of promoting the interests of White Supremacy. This smear has already started.

MSNBC accused Cornel West of having “right-wing genetics” in his campaign. This is just a short hop and skip away from the next accusation, that he was a Nazi.

As we’ve learned, the corporate state media is not afraid to label non-whites as “white supremacists,” as they did recently with Vivek Ramaswamy.

Cornel West is digging himself a grave by promoting the narrative of “white supremacy”. This is not a message that appeals to the majority of voters, and it’s also a lie spread by technocrats in order to divide the populace forever while the ruling elite escapes through the back door.