Compromise in Court Hearing of Richard Allen, Accused of Horrific Delphi Murders

With the arrest of Richard Allen in October last year, it seems that the horrific and unsolved murders six years ago of Abby Williams and Libby German may be finally being solved. Indiana believes Allen is their man. They were able to link him with the crime using bullet evidence, clothing, and eyewitness reports.

Allen appeared in court Friday to undergo a change of venue hearing. Because of the media attention and massive interest in the case, the defense claimed that Allen couldn’t receive a fair trial in Delphi.

Judge Frances Gull agreed that Allen couldn’t get a fair trial within the small county where the crime occurred. However, she did not want the expense of having to move the trial 100 miles away. This was due to the burden it would place on witnesses. The judge instead decided that the trial would take place in Carrol County but that jurors would come from outside. The defense and the prosecution have one week to reach an agreement on which county will select jurors.

Although the gag order prohibiting the parties from discussing the facts of the case to the media is still in force, it will not affect lawyers’ ability to communicate procedural matters and court dates to interested persons.

The cause of death for the two eighth-graders was not released. This has led to the public believing that the details are too horrific. Police did state that the bodies were set up in such a way as to cause severe trauma to the man who discovered them and that blood was lost. An unrecovered bullet was found between the bodies and it was claimed by the police that Allen’s.40 caliber pistol was involved. One of the victims is heard saying “gun” in a video of Allen before the crime.

Investigators have struggled with this case for many years. Many people have been charged in the media. Allen was an employee at the CVS, and was believed to have printed the photos of the girls in preparation for their funerals. According to the arrest affidavit, a witness witnessed Allen lying on the ground covered in blood and mud. Allen was speaking with police at the time. Allen claimed that he was at the bridge where the victims vanished, but he did not see the girls. It is unknown why he wasn’t a suspect.

One of the victims captured the video and the man was wearing a Carhart dark blue jacket. A similar jacket was found in Allen’s house by police. Allen is due to stand trial on March 23.