Comedian Discovers Biden Staffer in Audience, Sparks Hilarious Comedy Gold

The Biden administration is a joke. A comedian found out that a White House employee was sitting in his audience and it played out hilariously.

The conversation began when Josh Ocean Thomas, during his daily routine, asked a man about his job. He let out a loud laugh when he heard the answer, “I work for the Biden administration.”

The transcript will not do justice to the comedy. If you want to get the full effect, watch the video.

THOMAS: Nick, what do you do for a living now?

BIDEN STAFFER: I work for the Biden administration.

THOMAS: You work for the Biden administration? Is it your job to wake him up, or what’s your job? “Hey, hey, hey, there’s a war, hey!”

Okay, what do you do for the Biden administration? What a **** show of a job you have. I can’t believe you admitted that in front of all these people. You have the freedom to lie. You could have said you’re a hooker and I would have been prouder of you.

What are you doing?

BIDEN STAFF: I travel to the Southern States (inaudible).

The audience member in question is a Biden employee who visits Southern states and tries to convince them of the virtues of the current President. I can’t think of any worse jobs. Thomas laughed so hard he lost all composure. He put down his microphone and pretended to leave the stage as if he could not stop it. He returned to complete the performance.

The rest of the clip is not transcribed (it can be found in the video above) because the language gets worse. It will make you laugh. It’s not just because people are unfairly mean that the President of the United States is a laughingstock. Biden made his bed by his arrogance and senility. At this point, given his disastrous presidency, what else is there to do but to laugh?

This should serve as a warning to future Biden staffers. If a comedian asks you what you do, don’t tell them. You will almost certainly get roasted to a crisp if you tell a comedian what your job is.