Columbia Professor Slams AOC Over ‘Nonviolent’ Label for Anti-Israel Protests

Following her remarks about “nonviolent anti-Israel demonstrators”, a Columbia Professor who was banned from the campus after hosting a pro-Jewish gathering slammed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.

Professor Shai Daveai stated on “America’s Newsroom”, that AOC is a chaotic force. He added, “I look forward to reading her name, the history of the chapter, and the list of antisemitic, rabid people.”

He said, “This is not a peaceful protest… She lies to the public, just like Rashida in ‘Sex and the City,’ or Cynthia Nixon from ‘Sex and the City,’ or the New York Times. ”

Cortez said in her X post on Tuesday: “Calling the police to enforce nonviolent student protests on campus is an escalatory action that is reckless and deadly. This is a failure of leadership that puts lives at risk. ”

She made these remarks at a time when the chaos on the Columbia University campus raised concerns about the safety of students. A rabbi told Jewish students to leave because “the NYPD can’t guarantee your safety.”

Anti-Israel protesters have also been heard to chant: “Al Qassam you make us happy. Kill another soldier now!” “We demand justice; you decide how. Hamas: We love you, but we want Tel Aviv to burn down. ”

Davidai, who was born in Israel and has been critical of Columbia’s response to the widespread protests, planned a counter-demonstration. He claimed Monday that the keycard he used to access Columbia’s main campus was deactivated.

The Jewish students were outraged by this development and chanted “Let Shai in!”

Davidai wrote to his X-message: “Earlier today Columbia University denied me entry. They could not protect me because I am a Jewish professor. This is 1938. ”

Davidai stated on “America’s Newsroom” that Jewish students are fleeing campus due to the chaos. Campus leadership never replied to him.

This isn’t about Israel. It’s about America. “The university has decided to disregard Jewish security. They do not give a damn about Jewish student safety.

It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. He said later that it was about extremists on the left and right. Moderate Republicans and Democrats both understand that it is an issue of America. ”

In an official statement released on Monday, Columbia University president Dr. Nemat “Minouche Shafik” said she was “deeply touched” by the chaos that engulfed the campus.

She stated, “Our community bonds have been so severely tested that we will need time and effort to rebuild them. “Students from different communities expressed concerns for their safety. In recent weeks, we have taken more measures to address the concerns. ”

She continued, “We have to reset.” To deescalate the rancor, and give us time to think about our next steps, all classes will be held virtually on Monday. Faculty and staff who can work remotely should do so. According to university policy, essential personnel must report for work. “