CNN Spreads Fake Sob Story About Mom Facing Eviction, She Isn’t Even The Mother

CNN usually spreads its fake news on purpose but this time they’ve cost their viewers a lot of money. The network recently promoted a single mother on their network who was being evicted due to the moratorium expires. But the biggest problem with the story is that the woman is not single and those are not her children. Go Fund Me has always been an ‘iffy’ platform but CNN just helped facilitate fraud to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars. What’s going on here?

According to CNN’s original reporting, Dasha Kelly is a mom of three young children and was nervous about being evicted from her home. CNN reporter Nick Watt referred to the kids as “her little girls” and how they could all end up on the street soon. He explains how the Mom “braces for eviction” as she lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic and can no longer afford child care. The network pushed her GoFundMe page as a way to cover rent. After some investigating, it turns out she wasn’t even the mother of the kids.

While the report describes Kelly as a single mom, the network later clarified in a report that she is not the mother of the three children featured in the story. Kelly is actually the girlfriend of the children’s father. The kids will go and live with their actual mother when the school year starts. The network clarified that she takes care of the children at home for long periods of time and “describes herself” as a mother because she considers herself to be one of them.

Even radical left Rep. Cori Bush tweeted about the story and joined Kelly in a follow-up interview. “This is the least that we can do for you is to step up and make sure that you get to stay in the safety and comfort of your home, while we work on other things, to help make sure that your life and the lives of your children are better,” Bush said.

The GoFundMe page ended up raising over $230,000, which was put on hold by the company. Nothing has been withdrawn. “CNN has learned the children are also cared for by their mother, Shadia Hilo, and their father, David Allison, who is Kelly’s boyfriend. GoFundMe tells CNN they are in close contact with Kelly and funds will stay on hold until they verify her information. GoFundMe says no funds have been withdrawn,” CNN wrote in a retraction.

Critics were confused on social media since most people that lost their jobs received unemployment/stimulus payments that exceeded their income before the pandemic. People didn’t pay their rent and are looking for additional handouts but the left-leaning media wants to report on everything as a crisis without any of the facts. Without the threat of eviction, people aren’t meeting their financial obligations. Then there’s the labor shortage and the fact that no one wants to work, especially when you make more money sitting at home.

The Biden Administration recently issued a new eviction moratorium, bowing down to radical-left Democrats who have frequently called for it. The federal government doesn’t have any rights or business imposing a moratorium on landlords who have real estate taxes, insurance, and maintenance. You can’t have freeloaders continuing to stay and not have any income to pay for it all. But the federal government does not act in the interest of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. It acts in the interest of pushing a crisis, just like CNN.