Clown Behind ElonJets Harassment Openly Tries to Extort Musk on CNN

Yes, it is not a smart move to announce that you are trying criminal extortion. But, Jack Sweeney did it on Saturday night.

Sweeney is the slapstick clown behind “ElonJets.” To expose Musk’s location, the site bypasses privacy filters that allow for ADSB tracking. This led to Musk’s son being attacked and killed by Antifa members.

On CNN, Sweeney said to the host (admittedly I don’t know who he was and don’t care), that he would quit what he was doing in return for $50,000 or a Tesla.

That’s quite a bold strategy. We’ll see how it turns out for him, but it is a clear indication of the type of person Musk is working with. Although it’s hard to imagine a case for this, it’s not someone who believes he’s providing public service. It’s a leftwinger obsessed with harassing Musk for his own selfish reasons. It’s actually not surprising, even though I just said it out loud.

Worse, this seems to have been Sweeney’s game from the beginning. When he talks about the extract he wants, he says “I’m not gonna up it. There’s no need to”. This was not a joke on CNN. Musk should pay him.

Sweeney will be punished for making such a precarious legal demand. It is not. There is a DOJ out there that would rather have its headquarters nuked than help Musk, his family, or anyone else who might be friendly to the left. Sweeney could easily write down his extortion plan and have it notarized, and federal law enforcement would still shrug. This is how politicized things are.