Climate Change Conference Will Look to Extort Cash From Rich Countries to Pay for Weather Events in Poor Countries

You don’t have to be a conman, grifter, or just a regular crook to admire the hustlers, chiselers, and Flim-Flam men behind the climate change scam. This con is truly amazing considering the billions that will be transferred from “rich” countries to “poor”.

This is the “tale” of poor countries, or more precisely, the NGOs and corrupt leaders of third-world hell-holes who claim that weather events such as hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes are caused by “climate change”. Therefore, those countries that have contributed to climate change should be held accountable.

This is a beautiful example of symmetry. It is impossible to tell what are regular weather events and what may be caused by excessive CO2 in the atmosphere. They will just blame industrialization.

Henry Gondorff would be proud.

Next week, the COP27 climate summit will begin. This summit promises to be one of the most difficult yet. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, stated that “getting concrete results about ‘loss’ and damage” will be the summit’s “litmus test.”


This issue has divided the developing world on the frontlines of climate change, and the developed countries like the U.S.A. Andrew Freedman points out that the U.S. has avoided discussing what are sometimes called “climate repairs”.

This time, Pakistan and Nigeria will be trying to get attention to climate-related compensation. Both countries suffered thousands of deaths and massive damage from the devastating floods.

Mohamed Nasr, an Egyptian climate negotiator, stated that there was a consensus that damage and loss must be addressed. This statement came before the summit. “The problem, as always, is in details. How do we define this and finance it?”

It is not my belief that there are many Americans who believe the U.S. should pay anyone for anything. This case should not be referred to as “We gave at work”.

Despite guilt-ridden lefties that believe everything is the U.S. fault, there isn’t much need for “climate reparations,” except for poor countries with corrupt leaders who will take any money in “reparations”, and deposit it in their Swiss bank accounts.

Yes. But: “If you are a pastoralist living in Northern Kenya, and your livestock is killed by severe droughts, or your home in Mozambique destroyed by Cyclone Idai,” says Mohamed Adow, director at Power Shift Africa. These are permanent losses that you should be compensated for.

COP27 is often called “The African COP” as the Egyptian hosts focus on concerns of developing countries, especially in Africa.

Adrienne Hollis (Vice President of Environmental Justice at the National Wildlife Federation) tells Axios that African nations and their descendants are often the ones “most responsible for climate change” and are the most in need.

It is impossible to distinguish droughts from cyclones, which are frequent weather events in that region of the world, and to prove that climate change caused them. It is immoral and cynical. Any American president who agrees with any “climate reparations,” should be impeached.