China Uncovers CIA Spy in Military Industrial Group

A Chinese Communist Party worker suspected of spying has been arrested and detained.

The communist government said Friday that officials from the national security department suspect the Chinese worker to be spying for the CIA.

Official statements identify the suspect only by his surname, “Zeng”, and claim that the individual developed a working relationship between him and a U.S. government official in exchange for confidential information.

Chinese intelligence claim that Zeng, 52 met the official in Italy while studying for his employer. The ministry says the alleged communications involved a member of the CIA.

The statement by the Ministry of State Security stated that “Zeng gradually became psychologically dependent on [the U.S. Official], who used the opportunity to indoctrinate with Western values.”

The ministry’s official WeChat account posted the message.

Zeng’s employment in the military allegedly gave him access to sensitive and state secrets.

Zeng, who had completed his overseas studies, returned to China to continue secret meetings with CIA agents. He provided a large amount of intelligence and collected money for spying.

CCP claims that the U.S. official also offered to help Zeng’s family to emigrate to the United States, in addition to financial compensation.

These accusations are just the latest in an escalating intelligence battle between the U.S.