Chicago TV News Crew Robbed While Reporting on Robberies

A reporter and a photographer for Univision, the Spanish-language TV station in Chicago, were out and about on the West Side of the city, filming a story about the string of robberies that have hit businesses there. That’s when they themselves became victims of a robbery.

This was the second time in a month that a Chicago TV team had been robbed on the job. WLS TV’s photographer was robbed and assaulted at gunpoint on August 8 while setting up for a press event in the West Side.

Raza Siddiqui is the president of the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians and is concerned about threats against news workers.

Siddiqui stated in an email that “our news photographers and journalists provide a very valuable public service by keeping our community well informed.” “We will do everything we can to ensure their safety.” “We have spoken to the photographer who was robbed and he’s thankfully safe and happy.”

Chicago Tribune:

According to the station, a reporter and a photographer from Spanish-language television station Univision Chicago had been filming in the 1200 Block of North Milwaukee Avenue just before 5 a.m. when three men with ski masks brandishing guns robbed them.

Luis Godinez is vice president of Univision Chicago’s news. He said that the men were robbed with guns. It was mostly personal items and a camera.

Chicago police identified two victims, both males aged 42 and 28 years old. The three men arrived in a gray sedan, followed by a black SUV. The armed robbers then fled in their vehicles southbound after stealing the items. The police reported that no injuries had been reported, and no one was in custody.

The irony was not lost on social media users.

The TV crew was filming a story about 30 armed robberies that had occurred on the West Side of Manhattan in the last 12 hours. The police don’t know who is behind the robberies.

Chicago Sun-Times:

Siddiqui stated that the union will be holding a meeting to discuss safety for its members. Members can “voice any concerns they may have about the street” and the union will determine what it can do to support them.

Siddiqui stated that some of the news stations associated with the union plan to take additional steps to ensure safety starting Monday evening, including assigning protection to certain TV crews.

Siddiqui stated, “We want to ensure that we offer a more lasting solution. We will work with both management and our members and read protocols that are acceptable and that everyone feels could be a viable solution.”

The changes brought about by the new mayor Brandon Johnson are truly remarkable. Johnson has made life better for Chicago’s criminal class in just five months.

There is no bail, no jail, and no need to worry about the police. Chicago is the perfect place to be a criminal.