Chicago Couple Brutally Attacked by Teens on Date; Pregnant Wife Tragically Loses Baby

On Friday, a Chicago couple was attacked while on a date with each other in the Windy City’s Streeterville district.

A husband and wife were walking down the street on Friday evening when they were surrounded by an undetermined number of teenagers near Grand Avenue and McClurg Court.

Nina, the woman who told the outlet that she was repeatedly punched, kicked, and stomped, is said to be a young woman. The woman was two weeks pregnant at the time and later found out that she had lost her baby.

“We believe that faith is the only thing we have and it was not meant to be.” Nina replied, “We don’t understand why this has happened to us.”

Nina posted photos of her injuries. Images show that a piece of hair was pulled from her head and her eye had been bruised during the attack.

She claimed that her husband, who was also attacked by the group during the attack, was held down and brutally beaten. They used pepper spray on her and kicked in her stomach.

According to the victim, it was not a robbery.

They didn’t steal anything. They claim to own the street. We own the road. You can’t just walk around. I was wearing a nice dress with heels. They dragged the dress I was wearing on a date with my husband and said that they owned the street. Nina told them, “You can’t walk around in your little dress and prancing.

Officers responded to an alarm at 9:17 pm about a battery that was in progress. The Chicago Police Department reported that a 14-year-old male offender hit the 40-year-old male victim on the head. A female offender, aged 17, pulled the hair of the victim. Her age wasn’t given.

Police said that the victims were treated at the scene, but refused further medical treatment. Both teens were arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault.

Cook County State Attorney’s Office has not responded to immediate questions regarding whether or not the suspects face additional charges.

Chicago’s crime problem is a major one. Chicago Police crime statistics through June 2 show that robberies, car burglaries, aggravated assaults, and aggravated battery have all risen since last year. However, murders, thefts, and sexual assaults have decreased compared to the same period in 2023.

A bloody Memorial Day Weekend was experienced by the city. 41 people were shot in the city, nine of them fatally. One of those victims was a 5-year-old child.