Chaos Unleashed: 100 Huskies Escape in Chinese Mall

Who let the dogs out? It appears that a careless worker left the gate unlocked, allowing 100 dogs to run wild in the “Haha Husky Cute Pets Cafe”. Furry phenoms frolicked in the Shenzhen Guangdong mall in China. The Huskies darted here and there and seemed to enjoy every moment.

The pack was a master of jukes and moves, avoiding the customers’ attempts to corral it. It was like being in doggie paradise:

The Great Escape took place in March.

The video of the incident on March 12 shows the dogs running from the “Haha Husky Cute Pets” cafe in all directions throughout the mall after the owner had visited the cafe. Staff suggested that the dogs had not seen her for a while, and her visit was what sparked their excitement.

Some reports claim that the customer forgot to close it, and not an employee. Whoever it was, thank you. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be watching this wonderful video.

One employee was able to herd some of the puppies back immediately after chasing them around the mall. ViralPress reported that a man wearing a white T-shirt chased after the dogs as they ran around barking and frantically running.

According to NDTV, two of the dogs even stole food from surprised shoppers. The employees had to spend an hour luring them with chicken legs. Some reports claim that all paws have been found, but another outlet says that there are still two Huskies on the loose. They should be considered cute, but not dangerous.

The canine chaos continues in this post:

The videos were reportedly a hit on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform.

One person wrote, “Hahaha! It feels like pupils running out of school,” while another said: “The great Carnival of Huskies.”

A third said, “Let’s have fun with the escaped Huskies.”

It looks like so much fun. Another said, “How wonderful it would be to meet such a happy escape.”

Many in the American social media were not so nice, warning of animal safety and China’s record on this subject. My darling but cynical spouse brought up concerns about the reliability of the Chinese COVID videos showing street collapses. But for now, let’s just focus on the joy that these animals bring us. This reminds me why many people love dogs. I think they should be allowed to run the mall at least one day a week.

The South China Morning Post reported that 3,638 pet cafes opened in Shanghai in the year 2020. In 2022, the pet industry in China made a profit worth $68 billion (494 yuan).

It’s a lot of money. The question is: Who let out the dogs?