CDC Endorses ‘Chestfeeding’ for Trans Parents, Sparks Debate

During the COVID Crisis, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lost all credibility because it issued false information repeatedly and did not pay attention to science. Former director Rochelle Walensky was adamant about mRNA vaccinations, but emails recently discovered she caught the bug repeatedly.

The agency also decided to enter the controversial world of transgender issues, promoting the “chestfeeding of babies” by trans people born as men. The agency even offers tips on how to increase milk production in biological males.

The CDC has a webpage on its website titled, “Health Equity Considerations.”

Transgender or nonbinary individuals can give birth, breastfeed or feed at the chest. Transgender people have a gender identity that is distinct from their birth sex. Nonbinary-gendered people do not neatly fit into the categories of man or woman.

Breastfeeding or chest feeding does not require a woman to be a mother.

Other families may use other terminology to describe how they feed their babies, such as chestfeeding or body feeding.

It sounds very scientific. Here’s a fan:

What does this have to do with the CDC’s mission? The agency’s name is “disease prevention and control.”

The list doesn’t end there. They also include a series of dos, don’ts, and other guidelines for doctors to follow when dealing with their patients.

Pronoun Use:

You can ask the person you support what terms, names, and pronouns they prefer.

Announcing your own pronouns when introducing yourself may make it easier to share others’ pronouns.

It’s best to acknowledge your mistake quickly and then correct the pronoun. If you spend too much time apologizing, can draw more attention to the mistake and cause discomfort.

You can also find a section called “Language”, which encourages silly word swaps, such as “homeless” being replaced by “people experiencing homelessness.” But you get the picture.

Their “chestfeeding guidance” is not backed by science and does not take into consideration the health of your baby.

…doctors said that the CDC had a responsibility” to disclose the lack of research and potential risk. One of the drugs used to make milk in biological males has been linked with heart problems in infants. They said the agency blurred lines between ‘politics’ and science.

According to Dr. Stuart Fischer of New York’s Internal Medicine, it is “very difficult to believe” the milk produced by a person who is trans is of the same quality as a woman.

How can we tell if it has been tested several times? Short-term effects are one thing. But long-term effects on physical and mental health… Who knows? To put it mildly, this is a new field.

It’s the sort of thing that brings politics and science together in an uneasy way.

Many users responded to Mika Minio Paluello’s post (below), the trans woman featured in the tweet, who complained about “chestfeeding.” They were outraged. This one, however, was the best I could find.

The poster asked, “Or was your goal to take a selfie of you breastfeeding on the bus?” This is a good question, even if it’s not well-formulated.

I don’t know why the CDC would even be involved in this issue, let alone appear to endorse behaviors that are not safe. It is clear that the CDC cares more about political messaging and politics than actual science.

It’s become a highly politicized organization that doesn’t deserve our trust, just like the Department of Justice.