Candace Owens Slams Biden’s Radical Immigration Policies, Says Dems Want To Change Demographics & Get Votes

During a recent segment on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson,” conservative pundit Candace Owens accused President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party of pushing “the most radical immigration policies” in our lifetime. She explained what was really happening at the Border and talked about how Biden only wants illegal immigration to change demographics and get votes.

Owens shared a story regarding an interview with an undocumented woman, who told her that immigrants were “choosing” to come due to Biden’s relaxed procedures in the US. She said that migrants could enter through California and as soon as you do, an SUV is waiting to take you to a safe house.

“They were very honest with me and they said that during this journey and they particularly came from Guatemala. That it was more harrowing to go through Mexico because the Mexican police kept trying to stop the flow of illegal immigration. Once you get to America, it’s essentially a finish line, because it’s so organized, and it’s so systemic,” Owens said.

Owens mentioned that migrants have been going to majority Republican states to bolster demographic change and trafficking over the border for quite some time now. She talked about Virginia going blue and how former president Donald Trump’s arrival to office has stopped the flow of migrants, which made people very upset.

“It is not a conspiracy theory, it is the truth. Democrats are not they’re not concerned about fixing the crisis, they’re concerned about accelerating a plan, a plan that went into motion a very long time ago, and Americans need to wake up to it because you are correct. It is an invasion,” Owens said.

She also talked about the multiple planes in Chattanooga, Tennessee, transporting illegal immigrants into the state in the dead of night. In released video footage, children could be seen arriving at the Wilson Air Center in the middle of the night, carrying matching bags and put on buses.

Sen. Bill Hagerty has also warned against failure to respond at the border, adding that it would result in burdening our schools, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies. It would also bring an increase in drug trafficking and human smuggling. He said a “new reality” is happening in our country, where every town is now a border town.

Biden has been placing an unlimited number of unaccompanied migrant children into state facilities for an unspecified length of time. There has been zero transparency and the federal government has neither tried to use its resources or obligation to solve the administration’s misguided actions. But anyone with common sense would see that the new president offered high expectations to the migrants he would let into the US – all for some extra votes.