Cancel Culture Mob Calls Carlson A White Supremacist & Demands Fox To Fire Him

The more corruption that Fox News Tucker Carlson reveals about the Democratic Party and the Biden Administration, the more calls there are for him to be fired. The Anti-Defamation League has even called on Fox News to fire Carlson over some of his most recent comments about the “great replacement” theory. Carlson has always been spot on and admired for his boldness, but the world needs more fearless conservative journalists to take on the establishment and report on the truth.

Carlson’s show has continued to climb the charts and become the #1 rated cable news show in the country, which has led to liberals attacking him at every angle. They have even claimed that Carlson is pushing the “racist” idea of the great replacement theory when talking about Haitian refugees trying to seek asylum at the southern border. Many have claimed Carlson is an “admitted White supremacist” and have urged Fox News Network to drop his show.

But Carlson has defended his most recent comments on the great replacement theory, which he said is not a theory but something that Democrats brag about all the time.

“In one sentence, it’s this: rather than convince the current population that our policies are working and they should vote for us as a result, we can’t be bothered to do that; we’re instead going to change the composition of the population and bring in people who will vote for us,” Carlson said.

Carlson even aired a 2015 clip of Joe Biden talking about the “relentless” stream of immigration and emphasized that the “white stock” will be a minority, which is “not a bad thing” but “a source of our strength.” Carlson questioned Biden’s words that non-White DNA is a source of our strength, adding that Biden values people by their genes and skin color.

The Anti-Defamation League, an organization to fight anti-Semitism, even came out and called on Fox News to fire Carlson over his comments. “Oh, f*** them,” Carlson replied when he heard the comments. He learned about their calls for him to be fired from host Megyn Kelly and then told her that he does not look at any mainstream press about himself.

Carlson went on to say that ADL had been a noble organization with a specific goal in mind. He said they have been “pretty successful” over the years but are now being operated by a guy “who’s just an apparatchik of the Democratic Party.

Carlson called it “Nazi stuff” and said language like that should disqualify someone from being able to run for president and hold one of the highest positions in the world. He went on to say that he has grown up in a country that has tried, and not always successfully, to be colorblind and to judge people not on their appearances, but on what they do.

Democrats have also made it clear that many of their immigration tactics are for political reasons and not racial reasons. They will easily tell right-winged Cubans not to make the dangerous trek to the United States but will place migrants and massive facilities in states that they want to turn blue, like Texas, Maine, and Tennessee.

But the focus has been on making Carlson seem like a massive white supremacist for even touching on any ideas regarding illegal immigration. On the other hand, the Biden administration has completely abandoned all border states and offering any federal resources to help deal with the crisis. It has gotten so bad that the state of Florida has even sued the Biden Administration over its immigration policies.

Carlson is calling out Democrats for wanting to increase a population dependent on the government and solidify their hold on power. There’s only one reason people want Carlson fired and that’s because he’s setting the truth free.