California Chaos: Terrifying Rogue Wave Sends Beachgoers Scrambling for Safety

A video shows the moment that a wave rogue crashed into Ventura in California on Thursday. The incident sent onlookers running and eight people were injured.

The wave crashed into Seaward Avenue, Ventura. Over a dozen people had gathered to watch the day’s incredible high surf. Yesterday, monster waves up to 33 feet tall pounded the coast causing flooding and major damage.

A massive wave blows through the wall in the video. Onlookers run for their lives, while a truck driver tries to escape by accelerating.

A man is swept along the street as he clings to his bicycle. Another person on the beach appears to jump the wall before the wave hits it.

Ty Miller, a surfer who was caught in the wave, stated that people were watching the surf, and then everything changed seconds later.

Miller said, “Everyone was watching the waves because they were huge and coming towards you. When it got closer everyone started running and then everything broke loose.”

Miller reported that there were 14 people in the area when the wave struck.

Miller explained, “I lost my crutches as I was hobbling to my truck.” I grabbed the elderly woman so she wouldn’t fall all the way. “I’ve not seen waves that big and strong.”

The water surged inland for a few blocks. The swell was powerful enough to push a tree through the protective glass of the Inn on the Beach hotel located on Seaward Avenue.

Ventura County Fire Department reported that yesterday there were multiple rescues, including one of a lifeguard caught in the tide as he tried to save a surfer. Two men are seen in a video online pulling the lifeguard from the water.

Fox Weather reported that Ventura County firefighters also responded to Oxnard Harbour, where a fishing boat capsized and a man fell into the frigid water. The fisherman, fortunately, was rescued. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Road crews had to use plows in order to clear State Highway 1 south of San Francisco. Some stretches of road were too deep to be cleared.

It is advised that people stay away from water. The High Surf Warning will remain in place until Saturday night at 10 p.m. The coastal flood warnings and high surf advisory will remain in place until 2 am Monday morning.

Officials have issued evacuation orders in several coastal communities of northern and central California.

According to the National Weather Service, the next big swells are expected to arrive on Saturday, as powerful Pacific Cyclones continue to send massive waves toward the West Coast. This will renew coastal flooding risks.

A storm off-shore Wednesday measured a minimum peak pressure of 960 millibars. Fox Weather cites NOAA surface analysis charts that show a storm Thursday measuring as low at 970 millibars when it was at its strongest.