California AG Bonta Seizes Control of Investigation Into LA County Corruption

After he took an investigation into corruption in Los Angeles County by the LA Sheriff’s Department, the California Attorney General demanded that the Sheriff resign. The California Attorney General ordered the Sheriff to resign after he took the investigation into corruption in Los Angeles County conducted by the LA Sheriff’s Department.
RedState reported Kuehl’s house and other locations were the subject of a search warrant executed by sheriff’s deputy on September 14. Kuehl asked for assistance from the State Attorney General to investigate the leak.
What was the AG’s response to this? He took control of the investigation, and froze the Sheriff’s Department.

Stop all investigations. All court filings and public statements are acceptable.

This makes it easy. Kuehl was one of the four LA County Supervisors that voted to remove an elected Sheriff. Bonta wrote

Official announcement of the takeover can found on the CA Department of Justice website.

Villanueva had withdrawn from the Kuehl investigation in order to “avoid conflicts” Bonta used this opportunity to claim Villanueva’s takingover was done in the name and service public servants, and that everything was fair because of the recusal.

Bonta stated that Sheriff Villanueva had withdrawn his support from the underlying investigation into Peace Over Violence and Patricia Giggans. Bonta stated that Sheriff Villanueva had withdrawn from the underlying investigation into Peace Over Violence, Patricia Giggans.

Patti Giggans was last Wednesday the victim of a Sheriff’s Office search warrant.

Jennifer Van Laar, RedState’s managing editors, explained the investigation.

After a Fox’s Bill Melugin’s September 2020 investigative reports on a lucrative, non-bid contract to run a hotline in Los Angeles Metro for sexual harassment, the public corruption investigation… began. Kuehl also serves as an advisory board member. Kuehl appointed Giggans as a member of the LA County Civilian Oversight Commission. Kuehl was also supported by thousands from Giggans, and other Peace Over Violence board members.

Fox 11 News conducted a month-long investigation. The investigation revealed that taxpayers were paying more than $8,000 per call to this hotline.

Bonta seems to have succeeded in pushing the Sheriff’s Department off the sidelines after Gavin Newsom left for the Biden Administration.

Although the case is complex, it is clear that this is a political power game of Rob Bonta’s Sacramento friends. California Democrats don’t like Sheriff Alex Villanueva, whom they consider a Democrat.