Buttigieg Says The Only Way To Solve Supply Issues Is To End The Pandemic

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently shared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that the pandemic is continuing to impede our ability to transport goods, adding that if we want to solve a pandemic-driven shortage of supply, then it’s time to end the pandemic.

Buttigieg stated that he would consider it in terms of supply and demand, along with COVID-19. He emphasized how it was not a supply chain crisis alone.

Buttigieg said that there is a high demand for meat and that the supply is not sufficient to meet that demand. He said that we saw many images of empty shelves and fast food chains warning that there would be no meat left. He went on to say that the pandemic continues putting a halt to our ability to deliver goods where they are needed. He emphasized how the only way to solve a pandemic-driven shortage of supply is to end the pandemic. Somebody should’ve probably told Buttigieg that the pandemic ended a while ago.