Boston’s Mayor Throws “Elected of Color Only” Holiday Party, Sparking Controversy

Michelle Wu is the mayor of Boston. She has been in office since 2021. Her parents are Taiwanese immigrants and she was the first Asian American woman to be elected to the Boston City Council before becoming mayor.

Wu has been a strong advocate for black elected officials since her first election.

Wu crossed the line, however, when he said that only people of color should be invited to a holiday celebration. Libs published an email sent on behalf of the Mayor by Denise DeSantos. DeSantos stated that the email “was sent by error to all members, including whites, of the City Council.”

While I am not an expert in this field, someone who holds the title of Director of City Council Relations should have a better explanation than “the message was accidentally sent to all city council members, including whites.” “I think she should have added something like an apology, or a statement that this will never happen again.

The Boston Herald reported in detail that there were “mixed reactions” and an apology after the first email. The party was to take place on Beacon Street in Boston, and DeSantos had sent out the first email 15 minutes before she realized her mistake. She then sent out the second one. She apologized, saying it was just for those who were invited. This included the six “of color” councilors and not white councilors.

The media would have made a big fuss about this if it was a white man who sent the invitation.

DeSantos tried it again:

“Sorry for any confusion this may have created.”

Nope. Sorry, I still don’t feel it.

The situation got worse. Just when you thought that the bigotry was confined to Wu, DeSantos, and their friends only, others decided to dig deeper with their shovels.

Brian Worrell (a councilor “elected of color”) defended an event segregated that excluded whites by saying, “We make room for all types specific groups within and in the city government.” The Elected Officials of Color has been around for more than 10 Years.

Tania Fernandes is another “Elected Of Color”, who agreed with DeSantos that a race-segregated event was acceptable. DeSantos “meant no harm” and there was “no need for any apology” and the email “shouldn’t offend anyone.”

Anderson, who is convinced that it’s a “completely normal” thing for elected officials of color to attend a holiday celebration even when white officials have been excluded deliberately, believes this even though she has never seen colored officials at a holiday gathering.

Anderson went on to say, “Many groups have come together in different ways to celebrate. It’s about not excluding anyone. It’s about creating an environment where people with similar views can come together to support each other.

Frank Baker called the segregated event “unfortunate,” and “divisive,” but he did not feel personally offended. Baker said he is not easily offended, and that not being invited was not enough for him to be upset.

Segun Idowu is the WU Chief of Economic Development and one of the two-thirds of the WU cabinet. The Black people also run the transport department, the economy, and the development.

The mayor’s office and the City Council in Boston are doing something wrong. This is blatant discrimination. Not only do they practice it, but they also defend and justify it as acceptable.

It is simply not true. This issue is too important to ignore. She claims to be a champion of eliminating disparities but creates even more through her actions.

Wu, DeSantos Worrell Anderson, and all the other Council members who believe that segregation is acceptable must resign. They are aggressive bigots acting passively. These people need to be removed.