Border Sheriffs Slam DC Mayor, Officials For Declaring Emergency Over Migrant Buses

The southern border crisis is being handled by Sheriffs who are suing Washington, D.C. for declaring a state of emergency over migrants who have been bused in from Texas and Arizona to the sanctuary city. They also resent claims that D.C. has become a “border-town” because of the buses.

Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a state of emergency for the migrant busses that have been arriving in D.C. since April from Arizona and Texas. The move would enable the city to establish an Office of Migrant Services, which will provide services such as housing, transport, and health care for migrants.

She is among a host of liberal mayors and officials in self-described “sanctuary” cities who have raised alarm about the influx of migrants, which are only a fraction of the ones encountered at the border. D.C. councilmember, who declared that “in many aspects, the governors in Arizona and Texas have made us into a border city,” drew criticism.

Since April, Texas has sent less 10,000 migrants to D.C., while Border Patrol has encountered more than 2 million migrants so far this fiscal year. Monthly encounters often exceed the 200,000 mark. The noises from the cities have shocked border officers and sheriffs who have dealt with the crisis since President Biden’s election.

Boyd is just one of many sheriffs and border officers who claim that D.C., New York and other areas are only getting a small taste of the daily terrors they’ve experienced since the crisis started.

He noted instances in the past where sheriffs had to deal with over 10,000 migrants, but “not one federal person came down to help.”

Both sheriffs described the border-based officers as exhausted and overwhelmed by months of encounters exceeding 150,000 and the knock-on effects of the crisis.

Boyd stated that he supported Abbott’s move, stating that it brought the border crisis back to focus — something he claimed has been ignored in liberal media outlets.

Thompson asked D.C. not to blame the border states and instead focus on the Biden administration.

McDonald’s told Fox News Digital that the crisis is not just affecting Republican sheriffs, but also Democrats.