Blue City Mayor Slashes Police Budget by Over $8 Million to Support Migrants

A city controlled by Democrats has announced a $45 million funding package to address the soaring numbers of migrants that it is facing. The result was a budget cut of over $8 million for the police department.

Denver mayor Mike Johnston announced last week that he has set aside $45,9 million to fund all “newcomer” programs and to avoid the worst-case scenarios predicted by city officials. The $44 million previously allocated to this program in past budgets is now being added to.

The amount of money spent in the city on migrants jumped from $2 million per person in August, to $15 million in December. It has since dropped to around 1,000.

Johnston said, “After facing the crisis for more than a year together, Denver finally developed a comprehensive plan to provide dignity to our newcomers and to avoid the worst cuts in city services.”

The mayor’s office will make budget cuts of almost 10%.

Denver Police Department’s budget will be reduced by $8,4 million, or 1,9%. Denver International Airport is continuing to hire police officers and will cover the costs of a recruiting class.

In other cities, budget cuts will amount to less than 1% of the total budget. This is about $2.5M. The main reason for this is that vacant positions are not filled.

As a result of the new funding, the “Denver Asylum Seekers Program”, will be funded. This program will offer housing options to around 1,000 people currently living in shelters for six months until they get a work permit.

WorkReady, a program described as “an innovative pre-work authorization” will be offered. This program provides migrants with training opportunities, including language instruction.

In just 16 months, the city says it has helped over 40.000 migrants. This is the highest per capita number in the country.

A Johnston spokesperson denied the claim that the cuts were “defunding”. A spokesperson for Johnston said 167 recruits would be added to police by 2024.

Denver Police Department’s budget adjustments were carefully designed in consultation with safety leaders, Mayor Johnston, and the Department’s spokesperson Jordan Fuja.

He claimed that claiming Denver “defunded the Police” was a deliberate mischaracterization. The budget adjustments delayed the purchase of furniture and changed the funding source of cadet classes. He will continue to invest in public safety to ensure that Denverites feel safe in their city.

Liberal cities fight to control the migration of migrants, whether they arrive by bus or on foot.

New York City cut its budget last year, including the police budget. However, it reversed this decision after a rise in revenue. Chicago has also faced budget pressures due to an influx of migrants.