Biden’s Reliance on Reporter List and Notes in Joint Press Conference with Japanese PM Raises Eyebrows

President Biden’s list of journalists’ names on cards showed up again on Wednesday.

During a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida outside the White House, President Biden addressed questions while occasionally glancing at notes, which were visible through the reflection in his sunglasses.

Biden stated that he had a list of journalists names he would contact next.

Whom should I call next?” “Hold on a minute. Here is my list.

Biden also appeared in the Oval Office on that same day, referring to notes as he welcomed Kishida.

Fumio, welcome back! We are glad to have you back. When we last visited the Oval Office, we said that Japan and the United States of America were playing a larger role. Biden stated, “What we are seeing with our combined support for Ukraine is outrageous.”

During the Biden administration, President Biden was criticized for using pre-approved reporter lists and his notes during events.

In March, Fox asked White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre if the President was caught taking notes when meeting with other prime ministers.

“If I may, last Friday the Italian Prime Minister was holding notecards. What is the reason for the President’s dependence on note cards?” The Fox reporter inquired.

Jean-Pierre responded, “You’re upset because the president has note cards?” “You ask me about note cards the president has?”

The reporter replied, “I’m asking why he relies on them so heavily”

“Do you want to learn about note cards? I don’t understand what you are asking.”

Biden held a card in October with names and photos of journalists at a conference. All the names were announced during the event.

Andrew Bates is the deputy press secretary of the White House. He stated that it’s not unusual for presidents to keep a list.

“As is typical for presidents, he had a list of reporters he planned to call on. No, he did not have advance knowledge of the questions,” Bates said, citing a 2014 transcript from President Obama.