Biden’s Propaganda Video Backfires as Obama and Pelosi Encounter Major Hurdles

As most of you know, Joe Biden struggles to speak and deal with the teleprompter regularly.

On Saturday, it appeared they had enlisted more support for him when they released “National Call”, which was supposed to take place live with Barack Obama (D-CA) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. The “live” video was heavily edited and looked unnatural.

RNC Research called them out on splicing and falsely calling the video “live” when Joe Biden was in Delaware Saturday. It was said that the video was recorded yesterday. This clip is cut multiple times; Biden appears awful and is again slurring. You can decide for yourself.

It’s embarrassing that they can’t be honest about the propaganda they promote. Imagine what they cut away.

There were cuts, Biden’s slurring, and what looked like staged questions.

Biden not only spewed this schlocky nonsense but also told an outright lie about former president Donald Trump.

Biden said, “This guy doesn’t care for science or reason.” “Remember when Donald Trump told us during the pandemic to inject ourselves with bleach? He said that there is no harm in doing so.

Trump has, of course, said nothing like that. As we’ve reported, this has been debunked for a long time, just as Biden’s “fine people” lies have. But he keeps repeating it. This shows a lot about the people involved because they cannot be honest about basic things. They also try to manipulate us in this way.

You can tell how desperate and deficient they are if they cannot tell the truth.

If you watch the entire video, all the movements of the mouth, the sound, and the captions will be out of sync. In the video, there are no shadows for any of the three people. The captions are also hilariously wrong. For example, Obama is spelled “O’bama.”

I’ve set it to begin at the part where the three people are supposed to be talking together.