Biden’s Post-SOTU Struggle: Concerns Rise Over Teleprompter Reading While Jill Biden’s Face Says It All

We’re back to the old Joe after the State of the Union Address, where some described Joe Biden to be amped up. Some even speculated on whether he had been given anything to pump him up.

But it seems even worse. On Saturday he did a virtual event for his campaign, and despite his wife’s presence, it was clear that he struggled to not only read the teleprompter but also to be coherent or understand what he wanted to say.

He was not only unable to read, but he also had trouble with the tenses. “We must start by vaccinating America,” he said when he meant past tense.

We can remember that even this was not true. Biden did nothing — he just inherited the vaccination. Former President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency, while Democrats accused him of racism. Biden was a fascist for things like forcing people to leave the military because they refused vaccinations.

Check out Jill as she stands. She looks like she wants to dig a ditch to escape, but it’s on her. It’s alleged that she pushed him into running because she hated Trump.

This next clip shows how people liken Biden to Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons.” Listen to him and look at her face while you do. She is trying to keep her face together while Joe slides down the slide. She is blinking and swallowing at the same time. Biden struggles to formulate a coherent argument, unsure of what he is trying to say.

Biden seemed to be attacking the Republicans for “national security” when he has allowed all sorts of people unvetted over the border. Biden seems to not care about this incredible threat. He seems to claim and project that the Republicans “aren’t running on anything”, when in fact, this is his problem. He is running on the “hate for the other side because they are Hitler.” This is a tired old slogan, and Americans know it. But that’s it.

Biden claims he won’t allow Republicans to “win the past.” Huh? What is that? He can’t change the past unless he owns a time machine. We will win the war for the future because this old doddering man cannot be in the office and endanger the country.

He then returned to Delaware for another day’s vacation using the short steps.

How will all those on the left, who praised Obama after his SOTU, deal with this?